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remains unchartered territory. For example, who within your circle of friends and family have followed your steps to this point? Cautious attention should continue for safety ’ s sake. We must be grateful for the amazing people who have accomplished so much to keep us going forward. Professionals and businesses have worked tirelessly by their counsel to duty and services to maintenance to assist with risk management. Many of them have incurred significant costs to provide safety while they carry out their duties. We thank them for their commitment. Boards and managers have continued to carry out the responsibilities safely even with these ever changing directives. We applaud those who have been so creative and even fearless as they tried new things and succeeded at doing so in such a positive manner. Leadership and education among CCI chapters and CCI - National have been very effective. We sincerely thank all of our CCI colleagues for the expertise and we thank the chapters for sharing resources that affect us all in the province. Praise is also due to all the condominium directors who took the time to Zoom - in to participate in the learning experiences that contribute so much to their communities. Volunteers are the backbone of our community in so many ways. They continue to be a valuable resource to all of us who have embraced the condominium lifestyle and benefit from their continued dedication. At this time of the year, the projects that many of us have had on our drawing boards since last year will get started. In normal times, weather might have been the only challenge in proceeding. This year we ’ ve additional complications to conquer over these next months, including a pandemic, contractor schedules and availability and cost of supplies. We wish you all, success, perseverance and

kindness. We are confident everyone will be doing their very best toward the successful completions of all projects. As we approach the end of CCI's membership year at June 30th, we will continue to be guided by science and data to keep you safe. We have had positive feedback from the community. Education and growth in our communities continue to be a priority and we hope you will all continue your support to the chapter and to the volunteers who put so much time and effort. We can be very grateful for their initiatives and guidance. Our Administrator will be sending out membership renewals and we hope you will return to our roster in the upcoming 2021/2022 session. Undoubtedly, we all want to return to some kind of normal. That in itself may likely create some anxiety for some. The long isolation has created a major effect on our lives. For some that may take time to resolve. We can all resolve to assist others in making that transition back which will also help strengthen the community. We welcome your comments and suggestions for future articles and/or presentations. Please feel free to email our Administrator. On behalf of the entire CCI Board of Directors, we wish you a very healthy and safe summer.

Stefan Nespoli, President

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