CCI Review - 2020/2021 - #4

quorum, even when the meeting was held on - site. JZ : Yes. We have not failed to get quorum at any AGMS using this method. NC : We have had more success in obtaining quorum this year with email reminders to owners of the upcoming meeting and receiving proxies, for quorum purposes, from those not planning to attend. Jennifer: What effects to your maintenance on site are you seeing due to a maintenance season that was largely affected by the pandemic last year? TG: At the beginning of the shut down my email box was inundated with emails from owners requesting maintenance to the common areas. Most often it was for non urgent matters however I found with people in lock down they had more time to look out the window and file concerns. I found I was being contacted from long time owners that had never contacted me before which I feel was directly related to the issue above. BG: It really hasn ’ t effected getting contractors to do maintenance. It is the cost of the materials that is delaying the work. JZ: Not too much – we are seeing more supply chain and labour issues this year. At the beginning of the pandemic, most industries froze until the provincial positions were released in their specific industry, then it took time for everyone to pivot in their industry. It does take far longer in several of the areas to achieve the same objective simply because of access, timing, contact tracing etc. NC: There have been difficulties with some building materials and increased costs for deck & fence projects. We have had a major siding replacement project delayed by a year due to availability issues with the products chosen. Although most trades fell behind right from the start of spring 2020, they worked diligently to catch up and most of our 2020 projects were completed before the snow flew. The few that weren ’ t are already under way or will be as soon

as the current lockdown is lifted. We saw a few of our long time contractors deciding to retire last fall and It has proved more difficult to connect with new trades this year.

Thank you to Teresa Girardin, Brendan Gregg, Jennifer Zammit and Nancey Charon, all of them condominium managers in the area for their participation in this questionnaire.

CCI Review 2020/2021 —June 2021 - 30

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