CCI Review - 2020/2021 - #4

In Case You Missed It—A Good News Story Replay!

In the President ’ s Message of the last edition of the CCI Review, President Stefan Nespoli congratulated the Board and Owners at Middlesex Condominium Corporation No. 97 for receiving the award for Major Restoration Project at the 14 th annual London Heritage Awards on February 17 th . The award is administered by the Architectural Conservancy Ontario – London Region and the Heritage London Foundation and is given out in recognition of outstanding leadership excellence in heritage conservation. The award recognized their beautiful refurbished balconies including the original acorn finials. This area is an integral part of London ’ s downtown history, and serves as a major landmark. Stefan neglected to mention that the work was performed by Edison Engineers Inc. and Brick & Co. Restoration, so we take this opportunity to acknowledge and congratulate both companies for the work carried out so beautifully. If you are out and about and want to see the transformation first hand, it ’ s at the corner of Queens Avenue and Wellington Street. Otherwise, visit the London Heritage Awards website for photos of this and other restoration project award winners in heritage conservation across the London region, as well as the video of the presentations. They are well worth viewing in our beautiful city: The award was presented by Architectural Conservancy Ontario – London Region and Heritage London Foundation, this being the 14 th annual London Heritage Awards. Congratulations to all! Share Your Ideas – You Don ’ t Have to be a Writer! Education in any form brings clarity. We do our best to share information to address issues you may be experiencing in your community, some that will help guide you towards a strategy and resolution. You may also like to share how you resolved an issue. Best case practises and tips can be helpful to the community - at - large. Your issues, resolutions and community success stories are of interest to the wider community.

Your issues, resolutions and community success stories are

Please email the Administrator at ccisw@cci - to be a contributor by your information to build on strengthening the community.

Also remember that legalities of every issue are important to consider early in any process. Don ’ t let discussions with legal counsel be set aside because of cost. Early consultation with one who is familiar with condominium law, has been found to be much more cost effective. Many of our member condominium legal counsels have experience and know - how to action issues related in any way to your corporation that may have legal ramifications. It is best to involve them in the early stage of what might be a contentious issue or as they relate to governing the corporation or business. At any time, we would like your comments, suggestions for articles or presentations. They will be shared with the appropriate committee member of the Board of Directors. of interest to the wider community.

CCI Review 2020/2021 —June 2021 - 4

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