CCI Review - 2020/2021 - #4


Kristi Sargeant - Kerr of Scott Petrie LLP Law Firm and Laura Gurr of Cohen Highley LLP Lawyers presented a much anticipated Stages of Action on The Expansion of the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT), a fully online tribunal that deals exclusively with disputes between condominium corporations and unit owners. As of October 1, 2020, CAT currently accepting applications involving Condominium Records, Pets and Animals, Vehicles, Parking and Storage and Settlement Agreements. The CAT can also rule about chargebacks related to these issues. The importance of the CAT rules, policies and guides are important before you start a proceeding. Enforcement routes to consider your options and facts are very important.

The seminar “ There Are No Stupid Questions! ” never disappoints! As always, we are thrilled by the legal experts who so graciously join us to present on issues that most of us can recognize as “ Ah - ha Moments ”. We weren ’ t disappointed to be reminded of them because while some issues might fade into a background for a time, they can rear again and to be reminded is so valuable in the work we all do in our communities. Thanks so much to stars of our event. The topics they covered in their presentations brought so much information to our attention. Michael Connell, Siskinds LLP Legal Authorities for corporations/ managers to deal with anti - social behaviour of owners Chris Jaglowitz, Common Ground Condo Law Virtual AGMs and Proxies Barry R. Scott, Scott Petrie LLP Fixing Major Problems: Amendments to Declarations and Plans; and Amalgamations Michelle Kelly, Robson Carpenter LLP Policies in Condominiums: What are policies? Are they enforceable? How are they enforced? Stephanie L. Sutherland, Cohen Highley LLP New Jurisdictions of the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) We are grateful to Jeffrey Bell for organizing the event, to Kristi Sargeant - Kerr who monitored the chat section and to Scott Petrie LLP Law Firm for sponsoring the event. The participants were ready with their questions, intelligent and thorough. We thank them for their presence and participation and for their feedback following the event. It is always helpful to us for planning future articles and events.

Online Resources – Issues and solutions, guided steps to common issues

Costs of enforcement, including indemnity provisions, alternative dispute resolution provisions and the corporation ’ s governing documents are critically important. Now may be the time to review of your governing documents and their indemnification provisions at a Board level, with your condominium manager and your corporation lawyer. To search for CAT decisions and orders, visit their website here: We are always grateful for the generosity of our sponsors and so we thank Thorne Property Management Ltd. and Dickenson Condo Management for their dedication to education in our community.

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