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MAY 2018

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veggies and lean protein on my plate. Jasmine is trying to get me to go strictly vegan, and I haven’t eliminated beef and pork yet, but I have added more seafood to my diet. I’m also working out and doing yoga 4–5 days a week. The physical and mental changes from these new habits are noticeable. My daughters have also taught me the importance of unplugging and relaxing. We all need to do that once in a while, don’t we? Learning to recognize that need is half the battle. This past weekend, I was really tired from a tough workout. At the last minute, I decided to get away for the weekend. I didn’t take my phone or computer — I completely unplugged. I took my time. I woke up early in the morning for a sunrise massage. The best part of doing something for myself is that I find I’m more connected with everyone around me afterward. The self-care really helps me bring the best version of myself to my friends, family, and clients. When the girls were little, we built “unwind time” into their schedules — half an hour or so when we would check in and talk about their day — and I think the habit nurtured the close relationships we have today. The girls had figure skating lessons, and it took 40 minutes to get there and back. During the drive, we had conversations and made sure everyone had a chance to be heard. Of course, this was pre-electronics, so I didn’t have to be more entertaining than their Instagram accounts. I asked the girls questions about their day. Sometimes they were tired or just didn’t really want to talk to their mom, but it was an opportunity for us to interact, and it gave them a chance to unwind before their lessons. For those of you who have younger kids, I encourage you to build some unwind time into your schedule. When they come home, put all the electronic devices away for an hour and just talk with your kids. Ask them how their day was, what they learned — whatever topic they’re into. If some questions don’t get a response, that’s okay; you can let it go. Find some part of their day or life they’re excited to share with you. Don’t let this time get away — it only comes around once. –Polly Tatum

As my daughters have gotten older, my relationship with them has changed. Parenting when they were younger was focused on the day- to-day necessities: making sure they ate, got dressed, completed their homework, and brushed their teeth. These days, however, you’re more likely to find us singing Marvin Gaye together at a karaoke bar. Now that they’re adults, I no longer micromanage their lives. I appreciate who they are and who they’ve become as individuals, and I enjoy a different, deeper kind of relationship with them. We talk about our social lives, friends, professional lives, and community involvement. It’s like having three best friends. When they were kids, they learned everything from me, but there’s now a role-reversal taking place: I’m learning from them. Jasmine, Jamese, and Jamelah have taught me a lot about how to honor ourselves as women and moms and the importance of taking time for ourselves. My girls are helping me practice what I preach with clients. We all need opportunities to look in the mirror and check in with ourselves. My daughters are my mirror. MY BEST FRIENDS

Inspired by my girls, I’ve made room in my life for healthy habits. I’ve embarked on a fitness routine, so I make sure I always have fresh

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