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Personal Mobility Devices: 7 Ways to Use One Safely



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7 Ways to Use PMDs Safely

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26th Annual General Meeting

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In the past few years, The Grassroots Club (TGC) has undergone upgrading of its Clubhouse in three phases with the final phase, which is the upgrading of the Health Centre, completed in late 2017. With the upgrade and the renovation, the Health Centre has seen a marked increase in the number of members visiting it. The Member Room is also a popular hangout

Edi tor ial TEAM Chairman Toh Sze Wei, PBM Vice Chairman Jimmy New Cheng Tee, PBM Members Edward See Chak Fei, PBM Lim Yen Lan, PBM Marie Lim Soo Cheng David Seah Kah Long, PBM P.Anakeley Secretariat Seow Hing Hock Ethan Seet

among members seeking a quiet reading space. All the facilities were built for the comfort and benefit for members and I am glad that they are well utilised. After the closing of the Jackpot Room, TGC will convert that area into an Activity Room. It will contain Mahjong Rooms, Electronic Darts, Billiards as well as various board games for members’ enjoyment. The rental of the Mahjong Rooms will be kept affordable while the other facilities in the Activity Room will be free for members. We trust these will bring about a higher usage of the facilities by our existing members. And as the value of a TGC membership appreciates, it will help to promote membership recruitment as we welcome more Grassroots Leaders (GRLs) into TGC. Lastly, I would like to thank TGC Management Committee for their cooperation given to me during my term, and thanks too to the Peoples’ Association in supporting the upgrading of the Clubhouse.

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Grassroots with passion

Under the six years leadership of Immediate Past President Mr Lim Ang Hock, BBM (L), our Club has secured funding from the People’s Association to revitalise the Club house, reviewed the tenant mix to improve the club financial situation and provide new amenities to serve our members. Coming soon will be the Beer Garden and Prawning Pond. We would like to thank Mr Lim for his contributions to the Club. Also, The Grassroots’ Club had one of the largest member turnout of more than 200 members during the recent 26th Annual General Meeting on 27 July 2018 to witness the election of several new Management Committee Members and the appointment of new President Mr Simon Leong, PBM. We encourage more members to join our sub-committees to help us improve overall member experience for yourself and for all. We also call for your active participation in our events to make your presence in the Club far more unforgettable and memorable. Toh Sze Wei, PBM Editor Dear Edi tor ' s NOTEBOOK TGC MEMBERS,

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W hether you are 15 or 50, being healthy is important to enjoy life to the fullest. If we do not take charge of our health, needless to say, the detrimental effects can be devastating. By international standards, the overall health of Singaporeans is good. That being said, it has been found that the leading causes of mortality are major diseases such as cancer, coronary heart diseases, strokes, diabetes and hypertension. These lifestyle diseases share many common risk factors such as smoking, obesity, physical inactivity and alcohol consumption 1 . In 2017, in his National Day Rally, PM Lee Hsien Loong outlined governmental efforts to counter the rise of diabetes. He mentioned that it was alarming to have 1 in 9 Singaporeans with diabetes and that it was a very serious problem 2 . He reminded Singaporeans that there will be a flat health screening fee of $5 for those above the age of 40, a fraction of the usual over $100 it costs. There were going to be other plans to help Singaporeans keep healthy as well. Regardless, we have to take the lead in taking charge of our own health. Let’s use the elements as mapped out in TetraMap to outline simple measures we can take to keep our health in check. The TetraMap model uses nature as a guide using the four Nature elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire 3 . The Earth element focuses on outcomes whilst the Air element focuses on procedures. The Water element builds on relationships whilst the Fire element builds on ideas and possibilities. With that in mind, when taking charge of our health, let the Earth element remind us that we need to set goals to ensure our health is in check. Set a target and progress to reach our set target. Remember, nothing comes about just overnight. What we must look out for should be progress and not perfection. Use current technology like smart watches or phones to track our health indicators – such as, tracking the number of steps we take a day to avoid being sedentary. We can also set out to exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Be specific with our targets and goals. We can even set the target to eat more healthily. If we set the target to eliminate sugar in our diet, we can slowly achieve this by tracking what we consume in a day and eliminating foodstuff that contains a lot of sugar. We can also set out to eat 2 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit daily. The point is to find out what determines a healthy lifestyle and set goals to achieve it. Mapping Out A PLAN TO TAKE THE LEAD WITH YOUR HEALTH By Mr Mohammad Nasir Bin Md. Rasid, Vice President (Education), Grassroots’ Toastmasters Club



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Recall that the Air element involves logical steps and procedures. We can set goals, but we also neeed to follow through by outlining the steps to take to reach our goals. Perhaps it involves getting enough rest – what steps do we need to get enough rest per day? We can list a series of steps that relates to winding down our day earlier to get enough rest and ensuring that the rest we get is good and adequate. Perhaps it involves getting enough exercise – what steps do we need to get enough exercise per day? We can schedule a set time in our day for exercise and get our exercise gear ready ahead of time. We can plan progressive steps to achieve our exercise goals. For instance, we can target to run one kilometre for three separate days for the first week, and then add 500 metres for every subsequent week until we are able to run five kilometres without much problems. The Water element involves building relationships and rapport. Building a good relationship with our doctor and scheduling a periodical health screening is a logical thing to do when it comes to taking the lead in keeping ourselves healthy. Finding the motivation to exercise might be hard if we go at it alone. Perhaps we can get friends or family members to tag along and encourage one another to pick up the healthy habit of exercising regularly. This way we not only keep healthy but get to build bonds with the ones who matter to us by fostering the habit of being healthy together. Finally, the Fire element works on ideas and possibilities. Whatever we do, it must be sustainable and easily kept up. Once we find it a formidable task, in all likelihood we will not continue to build it into a habit. Find ways to ensure that our healthy habits are cultivated by our current lifestyle. If we aspire to make our own healthy food, which part of our lifestyle can make that work? Maybe we go groceries shopping weekly – we can make the time to plan out and purchase all the required ingredients necessary to make our healthy meals. We can join a gym with classes that will motivate us to exercises regularly. Nowadays there are gyms that are open 24 hours a day to fit our busy schedules. In short, the possibilities are endless. Be creative and think of ideas to integrate keeping healthy into our daily routine. Remember nobody will take charge of our health if not ourselves. Set goals to achieve our health targets, outline steps to achieve them, work with people around us to get to our targets and think of possibilities of how we can integrate healthy habits into our busy life.

1. healthcare_institutionstatistics.html 2. national-day-rally-1-in-9-singaporeans-has-diabetes-problem-very-9140176 3.

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Membership Pr ivi leges


All Well Scoliosis Centre • 10% off First Visit (Consultation & Treatment and 1 Free Treatment session) • 20% off Single Treatment session • 30% off Package of 10 sessions Promotion valid till 30 June 2019

The Pine Garden • 10% off standard whole cakes and design cakes at The Pine Garden outlets Promotion valid till 30 June 2019

Carlton Hotel Singapore • 15% off Best Flexi Room Rates with *complimentary room upgrade to the next room category. • Enjoy 4-for-3 Adult Buffet Lunch at Café Mosaic or 1-for-1 Adult Buffet Dinner. *with effect from 1 Aug 2018. Promotion valid till 31 July 2019.

The Plant Story • Deluxe Experience (Individual) at $80 (U.P. $88) • Premium Experience (Celebration for 2) at $208 (U.P. $228). Includes: - Complimentary photo with photo frame - Welcome drink - High-tea set for 2 • Lunch set with sweeping view of the Marina Bay at $25 with complimentary premium ice cream Promotion valid till 30 June 2019

Crystal Time 20% discount off the following range of watches at selected stores: • LUMINOX Available at Tangs at Tang Plaza Level 3 and Vivo City Level 1, Robinsons The Hereen Level 4, Takashimaya Level 3 and OG Orchard Point Level 1 • ARBUTUS Available at Tangs at Tang Plaza Level 3 and Vivo City Level 1, Robinsons The Hereen Level 4, Takashimaya Level 3 and OG Orchard Point Level 1 • CLAUDE BERNARD Available at Tangs Vivo City Level 1, Robinsons The Hereen Level 4, Takashimaya Level 3 and OG Orchard Point Level 1 • ELLE OG Orchard Point • LEE OG Orchard Point Promotion valid till 31 August 2018. Discounts for your next Golf game! • 10% off all Tee Time Bookings on • 13% off Tee Time Bookings on for Sembawang Country Club. Promotion valid till 31 July 2019

Kenko Reflexology & Spa 15% discount on a-la-carte services at all Kenko outlets: • Foot Reflexology • Shoulder and Head Massage

Hallmark Physiotherapy Consultation and Treatment • First visit at a special rate of $130 • Subsequent visits at a special rate of $120 Consultation only • 20% discount on your first visit and 10% discount on subsequent visits. Promotion valid till 1 October 2018 Copper Chimney • Present your TGC membership card to be entitled to a 10% discount (dine-in only)! Promotion valid till 30 November 2018

Ikeda Spa • 20% off ala-carte spa treatment for the first time • 10% off ala-carte spa treatments for subsequent visits • Body Massage • Spa Treatments Promotion valid till 30 September 2018

• Birthday 1-for-1 Spa treats (During birthday month) Promotion valid till 31 October 2019

Ma Kuang Chinese Medicine & Research Centre • Present your TGC membership card to be entitled to a 10% OFF your total bill! Promotion valid till 31 December 2018



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7 Ways TO USE PMDs SAFELY J ust five years ago, few would have pictured Singapore's streets as they are now: filled with people on personal mobility devices (PMDs) like scooters, hoverboards and unicycles zipping about in every direction. But we do adapt well to the latest tech, and PMDs are key to Singapore's move towards being "car-lite", so they've quickly become a part of everyday life. Unfortunately, PMDs have also become a part of the news far too often. Tragic accidents and reckless riding have made headlines on a regular basis (according to The Straits Times , there are three PMD-related accidents a week), but that doesn't change the fact that PMDs are useful tools that are safe to use provided you follow the rules regarding their use, and practice a bit of old fashioned common sense. With the Active Mobility Act in place effective May 2018, PMD users now have a well- defined set of guidelines to follow. Hefty fines and/or jail terms await PMD users who flout these regulations. Here are seven points to note. 1. Don't use PMDs on roads While power-assisted bikes (PABs) can be used on roads, PMDs must stay on footpaths, park connectors and shared paths. Riding a tiny unicycle alongside a massive tipper truck is not a good idea, after all. Do bear in mind that if you have a PAB, you can use it on roads and shared paths/park connectors, but not on footpaths. 2. Stick to speed and size limits Collisions between pedestrians and PMD users can lead to injury and even death, and it's your responsibility as a PMD user to keep pedestrian safety in mind. You can travel at up to 15km/h on footpaths and 25km/h on park connectors or shared paths. The speed of your PMD must be limited to 25km/h and it also can't weigh more than 20kg or measure more than 70cm in width. Additionally, be aware of signage indicating that you should dismount and push your PMD. 3. In the event of an accident, stop and help Among the Active Mobility Act regulations is the necessity to stop and render assistance if you are involved in an accident. Should such an incident occur, don't panic, check on the other party and take a moment to assess the situation. Do provide your particulars if the incident results in any injury or damage to property.


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Editorial credit: Dantess

4. Switch on the lights when you ride at night If you're riding when the sun is down, make yourself visible by fixing lights to your PMD: white in front and red at the back. If you're not able to attach the lights to the PMD, you can also fix them to your helmet. 5. Attend a riding course or join a PMD community While motorists have the benefit of a long and in- depth learning process, it's very much a learn-as-you- go process with PMDs. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) gives you a more formal means of acquiring the skills and knowledge to use PMDs safely via their Safe Riding Programme. Visit their website ( content/ltaweb/en/walk-cycle-ride/SRP.html) for their current class schedule. If you really enjoy taking your PMD out for a spin, you can also join communities like Big Wheel Scooters Singapore (BWSS) and Singapore Inokim Riders to connect with like-minded enthusiasts. 6. Always supervise children when they use PMDs While traditional kick-scooters have their share of risks when used by children, the risk is multiplied when it comes to PMDs, which can accelerate to potentially dangerous speeds quickly. Before allowing your child to use a PMD, be sure that they are able to handle it. And when you do allow them to use one, stay focused and keep your eyes on them. Even a short lapse can have disastrous results. 7. Remember to register your PMD From14 August 2018, PMD users are required to register their devices. It will be an offence to keep or use an unregistered PMD from February 2019. For more information, visit the LTA website

Editorial credit: Stav Krikst


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: 6.45pm – 8.30pm

Fees for 12 Sessions : Member $16 Guest $24 Call us now to find out more about our next Intake!

Note: Payment must be made at the Front Office prior to the commencement date.

For more information, call us at 6554 2350 / 6550 2120 or email to

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Ensure the right start for your child’s early years. The love of learning. A creative mind. Confidence for the future.

98 % of parents approve of * Brighton Montessori parent’s survey 2015,of 167 respondents. Brighton’s curriculum and teaching quality *

Montessori Approach

Individualised Curriculum Regular Progress Updates

+65 6588 3883 |

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Certified Spine and Scoliosis Chiropractic Clinic






545 Orchard Road #10-05 Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882

**Special Rate for Grassroots CLUB Members**

Please call/text/whatsapp to make an appointment

☎ (65) 6327-1150 📱📱 (65) 8455-5730 Website : Email :


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2018 Annual General Meet ing 27 July 2018 The Club’s 26th Annual General Meeting was held on 27th July 2018 at the TGC Auditorium. 206 members attended the meeting. Matters of the meeting were transacted smoothly and swiftly. Club President Mr Lim Ang Hock, BBM (L) announced that he would be stepping down after accomplishing the tasks that PA asked of him six years ago. He felt that the younger generation should be given a chance to take up challenges and excel. Incoming Club President Mr Simon Leong, PBM also briefly outlined the focus of his term. Confirming the changeover was PA Group Director Ms Tan Mui Hwoon, who presented the respective Letters of Appointment to the two gentlemen. At the conclusion of the meeting agenda, all members adjourned to the Multipurpose Hall to enjoy a sit-down dinner with accompanying entertainment.



Mr Lim Ang Hock BBM (L)

Mr Tan Nguan Teck BBM (L)

Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM (L)

Mr Tay Poey Cher, David, BBM (L)

Mr Teo Choon Hock, JP, BBM (L)

Dr Kee Wei Heong, JP, BBM (L)

Mr Kuek Chiew Peng, BBM (L)


Mr Chua Chip Hock BBM

Mr Koh Hock Thye, Sam, BBM

Mrs Liew-Sim Soo Wah, BBM

Mr Ng Choon Teck BBM

Mr See Cheng Chai Johnny, BBM

Mr Ho Nai Chuen BBM


Mr Seah Kah Long, David, PBM

Dr Vinod A Devathas, PBM

Ms Wong Pui Ling PBM

Mr Yang Chee Chiang, Vincent PBM

Dr Mak Lee Onn PBM

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