Biola Broadcaster - 1953-10

Announce New Broadcasts Endeavouring to increase its scope of ministry, ·the Radio Department of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles has announced several new broadcasts which will be offered to radio stati.ons across the country. In addition to the Mutual Don-Lee Network release of the Bible Institute Hour which is concluding its 13th year, there are three other Christ-centered programs. Accent on Youth, for high school and college young ·people begins its seventh year and is also short waved around the globe. Former student participants now serve in pastorates and missionary stations around the world. Two new programs soon to be ready for distribution are "Crossroads of Destiny", a thrilling dramatic por– trayal of the conversion of Christian leaders, and "Harvest of Harmony" a fifteen minute musical program inter– spersed with inspiring Christian poetry. If you know of stations that should be using these ex– cellent Christian programs, please let us know and WE' will contact them with audition recordings. Pray that many will find Christ through these new programs. Designed to take listeners on a systematic study through the Bible, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, pastor of the Leis Angeles Church of the Open Door; has begun a daily series Monday through Friday at 12:00 to 12:30 ove1· KGER (1390) on the dial. · Under the auspices of the Bible Institute of Los An– geles, Dr. McGee's "Through the Bible" series, coupled with Dr. Chester Padgett's 11 :00 KFVD verse by verse messages, will give listeners a full hour of heart- · searching, profitable Bible study. B.e sure you lis– ten daily and tell your friends to tune in also.

2 - Interview with Chancellor's sister, Gladys Mary Talbot S - Dramatic Missionary story 7 - October acrostic of verses 9 - Hews of new calendar 12 - Student gives short sermon 14 - News of BIOLA Broadcaster 16 - Letters from listeners 19 - Student activities, on the spot 21 - Oct. King's Business Hews 23-ArJes farm, in Oregon 26 - Hymn History: "Shelter in T~me of Storm." 28 - What BIOLA teaches 30-Shut-in view


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