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P eople tend to take things a little more seriously today than they did in the past. That isn’t to say people lack good humor, but you never know who is going to be offended and what will offend them. You might say people have adopted a “better safe than sorry” attitude toward pranks. When my sister and I were kids, my grandfather would play all kinds of pranks on us. He’d get us on April Fools’ Day, and then he’d make even bigger fools out of us on any other day of the year. He never shied away from playing a prank at just about any opportunity.

Matthew (far right) with his prankster friends in college

We tried to even the score every now and then. My sister and I would conspire to get back

at him and make a plan. Yet somehow, we were never quite able to pull one over on our grandfather. It was as if he was one step ahead of us at all times. Years later, when I was in college, I got into plenty of hijinks. One prank in particular stands out. As it happened, I was living in a house right next to a major golf course. One week, a professional golf tournament was going on, and a few friends and I decided to have a little fun. It also happened that one of the tournament sponsors installed a giant inflatable man — Bud Man, the Budweiser mascot at the time — in our neighbor’s yard. It was a nice bonus for our neighbors, who were compensated for the use of their yard. The giant inflatable man was out of the way for competitors of the tournament but still visible for all to see. On the second night of the tournament, we thought we’d sneak over and give the inflatable man something of a makeover. The next morning, tournament officials scrambled to correct the changes we made to the mascot. They knocked on our neighbor’s door to get into their backyard and rushed to get the tournament started on time.

Well, I will admit that our antics caused the golf tournament to be slightly delayed. It was televised, so all sponsor advertisements, inflatables and all, had to meet certain standards. In short order, Bud Man was back to normal, and the tournament continued. My friends and I — and I’m sure many others at the tournament — had a good laugh. The important thing, though, is that no one got hurt. It was a relatively simple prank that provided a few hours of entertainment and a story to tell later on. That’s really the hallmark of a good prank. Everyone should have a good laugh and a funny tale to remember. I encourage you not to take life too seriously — at least when you don’t need to. This April, whether it’s April 1 or April 21, play a creative, wholesome prank on someone, and a have a good laugh. After all, sometimes we just need a good laugh. –Matthew Konecky



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