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remember her from my office, where she ran the front desk until her retirement at 79! On Mother’s Day, she would make breakfast for the six of us plus my dad, help us get ready for church, make lunch and the usual special Sunday dinner, clean up the mess, and make sure her hair and makeup were preserved throughout the flutter of activities. It was the Norman Rockwell ‘60s, if you remember. Finally, at the end of a busy day, she was ready to open her cards and smell the flowers! driven by compassion, faith, and a heart full of love for her family. She is the greatest mother and friend, and has instilled all those qualities in me. • Mom taught me commitment and to follow through when you say you’re going to do something, no matter what. She also wouldn’t let me quit music lessons. “I always wanted to play the piano!” she would say. • Mom taught me how to set a holiday dinner table with all the China, silverware, crystal, and linens. I asked my siblings how they view our mother. Here are a few of their thoughts: • Mom was the greatest teacher and was

Mother’s Day is a holiday that honors motherhood and is observed in different ways around the world. The origins of Mother’s Day can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans and even an early Christian festival called Mothering Sunday. Mother’s Day occurs in the U.S. on May 12 this year. This special day was created by Anna Jarvis as a way to honor her recently deceased mother. Jarvis conceived the holiday as a way to honor the sacrifice mothers make for their children. Traditions in America include showering mothers with cards, flowers, and other gifts. After gaining financial backing from a prominent Philadelphia department store owner named John Wanamaker, Jarvis organized the first official Mother’s Day celebration. Wanamaker turned it into a retail opportunity that attracted thousands to his store in Philadelphia. Jarvis, arguing that holidays were biased toward male achievements, started a massive letter writing campaign to politicians and newspapers,urging the adoption of a special day to honor mothers. As a result, in 1908, Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day an official national holiday to occur on the second Sunday of May.

Happy Mother’s Day, Georgette! Michelle was 5 months old.

• When I think of Mom, I think of loving unconditionally and putting others first. She taught me to treat others as you would like to be treated and that tough times don’t last but tough people do. She would say “I think I see the sun!” on a cloudy day at the New Jersey beach. Of course, she taught me that family was the most important thing. As for me, I learned about the importance of persistence in the face of life’s challenges, the value of family and friends, hard work, purpose, and making the world a better place. So thank you, Mom, for all your hard work and all you’ve done to create the traditions that add joy, love, and quality to our lives. We all hold you in our hearts forever! I want to acknowledge the contribution that women make to all of us on a daily basis. Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day!

In our family, I grew up with two grandmothers and my mother, Elizabeth. Many of you will

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