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When January hits, it’s easy to tell yourself that last year’s holiday treats and days of sitting on the couch marathoning Hallmark Christmas movies are things of the past. Every time a new year arrives, a fresh start comes with it, which is probably why New Year’s resolutions are so popular, particularly in the health and fitness space. That said, it’s hard to ignore the dismal statistics. According to U.S. News &World Report, a heartbreaking 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. So what are we doing wrong? Diet and exercise experts suggest it might not be the concept of making resolutions that’s faulty, but the particular resolutions we choose. To set yourself up for success in 2020, check out these smart resolution swaps below. The goal to “eat less” is not only vague (where does one start?) but it can also lead to disordered eating when taken too far. Instead, try setting yourself up for a healthy long-term diet by eating more of a nutrient-dense food group. Your vitamin intake will go up, and you’ll be too full to eat that second slice of cake. “We’re big fans of goals that start with ‘eat more,’” Lauren Slayton, the director of the nutrition counseling service Foodtrainers, told If you already have plenty of vegetables in your diet but are still struggling to eat healthily, try resolving to eat more fruit and probiotic foods, or drink more water. ARE YOUR ‘HEALTHY’ NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS DOOMED TO FAIL? H ow to U pgrade Y our G oals for 2020 DON’T RESOLVE TO EAT LESS. DO RESOLVE TO EAT MORE VEGGIES.


The Ennis Buc-ee’s under construction is expected to open mid- year 2020. The good news is that our new Luxury RV Resort & Storage is only 1,250 feet north of this location on the same side of I-45, just 30 minutes south of Dallas. Ennis Mayor Angie Juenemann is excited about possibilities a development like Buc-ee’s can bring to the city. The $30-plus million travel center is expected to be 52,000 square feet and located on an 80-acre tract of land at the southeast corner of I-45 and Creechville Road. Juenemann explained that Buc-ee’s will have a significant impact on the Ennis economy. She expects around 55,000– 60,000 vehicles per week to stop at the store. Sales are projected to be $20–$25 million. Over 18 million gallons of fuel will be sold from the location yearly. Its annual payroll will be about $6 million. How does this impact our new Luxury RV Resort & Storage? Roughly half of the 55,000–60,000 cars per week will be driving directly past our property going to Dallas. Self-storage is driven in part by “drive-by traffic” according to the Parham Group, a feasibility and site selection consulting group. Regardless of the actual percentage of tenants brought in by “drive-by traffic,”we believe being located 1,250 feet north of the new Bus-ee’s on I-45 just 30 minutes south of Dallas is dynamite location. Watch and see.

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