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Our folks create resilient critical infrastructures nationwide. But we don’t do it alone. Our skilled workforce, our partners and subcontractors, and our clients make this possible. As a People First company, we’re committed to safely building for the future. The strength of these relationships - plus our vast resources - mean we can move the actual earth for you, or we can solve problems and innovate quickly to perform above and beyond your expectations. Put our grit and our dedication to work!

Innovation & Resourcefulness Are In Our Blood.

Avis Phillips Shareholder & Chairman of the Board

In 1949, Ted Phillips, an enterprising 17-year-old, partnered with his cousin Clyde Phillips on a $495 Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) land clearing job in Mississippi. Ted borrowed his dad’s car, loaded crosscut saws and axes, and carted Clyde and two other men down the narrow two-lane roads more than 450 miles from the mountains of Robbinsville, North Carolina, to Philadelphia, Mississippi. It was hot, exhausting manual labor. Yet, despite its small scope, the team took pride in a job well done and managed to net a good profit. They didn’t know it at the time, but this laid the groundwork for P&J. Ted instilled in the foundation of P&J a respect for long term relationships. We take care of our clients, and after more than 60 years in business, TVA continues to be P&J’s single largest client. We continue to live by Ted’s values. His story inspires our growth and underscores our legacy. Now, led by Ted’s wife Avis Phillips, who is a long- serving board member and seasoned industry executive, P&J is a woman- owned business carrying on our commitment to quality both in our work and in our people. We pride ourselves on our past and are always looking to the future. Keep flipping to see what we can do.


70 Years in Business

1,300 Employees Across the US

9 Disciplines

1 Owner

2022 EMR .52

$1.75 Billion – Aggregate Line of Bonding

750 Pieces of Equipment

Dedicated Maintenance Teams

Licensed to Work in All 50 States

4 Offices Strategically Located Coast-to-Coast

4 Subsidiaries That Round out Our Capabilities

Integrity • Safety • Quality • Production

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We’re driven by our commitment to care and safety. The well-being of our team, our clients and partners, and the communities we serve depends on it. We’re a people first organization.

We build, maintain, and modernize resilient critical infrastructure.

• We’re privately owned and unencumbered by Wall Street or private equity • We have a national footprint - We’re licensed in all 50 states and skilled in all geographies • Our experience modification rate (EMR) is .63 - exceptional in our industry • We’re top-rated in safety • We have the ability to bond and are financially secure We’ve seen and done it all

We are up for the challenge

• We have extensive capabilities and experience required to design turn-key projects • We’re known for our innovative thinking and problem solving • We’re organized by specific markets to ensure our expertise is deployed well • We embrace tech advances to ensure efficiency and cost savings wherever possible - this includes interactive performance tracking to benefit both us and our clients and partners through the life of a project We bring innovative solutions to complex projects • We’re adept at demanding, large-scale, enterprise projects • We keep a deep bench of employees, subcontractors, and regional resources on call • Our vast resources and large equipment fleet allow us to mobilize quickly and efficiently

And we do so with our values at the core of every decision.

Every one of our relationships is based on trust. Our ability to earn that trust is evident in our longest-standing client relationship for the last 60 years. We believe in ethical conduct, always.

Our pioneering spirit doesn’t stop at clearing land. It drives our business and technical innovations, arming us with an array of tools and equipment to get any job done. We have vast resources to ensure dynamic results. Our people are the difference between a job simply done right and one done exceptionally well. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and our strength of character, coupled with our technical expertise. We live to exceed our clients’ expectations.

• We’re proudly woman owned and have been in continuous business for more than 70 years

Integrity • Safety • Quality • Production

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WHAT WE DO When asked what we do specifically, “What do you need?” is our instinctive response. Our expertise is deep and wide, much like the gorges we often traverse, making for a difficult “cocktail answer.” To simplify our complex organization: We operate in three critical markets, and our company is structured by disciplines under which we boast extensive capabilities and expertise.


When we manage project oversight, supervision, and mechanical services, we pass on direct savings and project efficiencies to our clients. Our combined experience and services cut down on management redundancies for different scopes of work. Types of successfully managed engagement

Either as a Prime or Sub, we help you anticipate your community’s needs and prepare for the future, now. We customize comprehensive solutions from the beginning. And by streamlining project development, we deliver a complete product faster, and early collaboration with engineers allows us direct input on the design to cut down on revisions. With a variety of partnerships and funding opportunities, we find innovative opportunities for better and faster results. We pride ourselves on our public-private partnerships. A combination of professional and local stakeholders allows for cost and productivity efficiencies, and a greater connection to the community and its needs.

• Early Contractor Involvement • Traditional Bid • Design-Build • Progressive Design-Build • Contractor-Led EPC • Public Private Partnership • Construction Manager at Risk • Programmatic Work

Heavy Civil


Disaster Response

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Integrity • Safety • Quality • Production

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Power Generation

Water Resources

We’re committed to the work that keeps the lights on. We’ve worked in the power market from day one, collaborating with large, regulated utilities on projects related to new site development, improvements to infrastructure, and decommissioning of facilities. The infrastructure around energy is complex and diverse, and we’re prepared for anything.

We’ve been building reservoirs, dams, impoundments, canals, and conveyance structures from the start, so we have the necessary experience to tackle the toughest projects. Our successes have served local communities by providing water storage, flood control, hurricane protection, transportation, power generation, and recreation.

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Project Profiles

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Project Profiles

When it comes to site development packages, we build big. From big- box manufacturing and distribution facilities, to large footprint residential, to entertainment venues and environmental rehabilitation, we work closely with owners, developers, engineers, and designers to deliver turnkey site development packages for a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Industrial & Commercial


We work closely with mine owners, developers, engineers, and designers to deliver turnkey site development packages for a variety of mining project types that have included new dam and tailings construction and expansions; commercial and industrial; rail and roadway construction; HDPE pipe and liner construction; unloading and loading facilities; contract mining; and reclamation and remediation.

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Project Profiles

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Project Profiles

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ROW Services

P&J’s Integrated Vegetation Management Program is an extension of our . More than a tool, this program is a combination of management approaches, including site assessment, control, and evaluation, to maintain existing ROWs. This systemic approach integrates cutting edge technology, P&J’s technical expertise, and a dedicated training program for work planners to efficiently and effectively remove vegetation and hazardous trees from ROWs. Integrated Vegetation Management

We bring new energy to the power market. We’re one of the nation’s largest turnkey, bolts-down contractors specializing in ROW clearing and access road construction, mat supply and placement in environmentally sensitive areas, installation and maintenance of erosion and sediment control measures, and stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) compliance. These services and combined experience has allowed P&J to be an industry leader in contractor-led EPC projects for major utilities

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Project Profiles

Foundation drilling and construction represent another scope of services offered for transmission and substation projects. P&J continues to evolve and integrate related services to provide our Power clients with a complete civil construction solution either as a bundled, full-scope package or independently priced depending on the procurement strategy or request. Our team can deliver a safe, quality product on your next transmission line project ready for your chosen line contractor to poles and string lines. Foundations

We clear the way for new energy solutions. We offer a diversified list of turnkey ROW services for the construction of pipeline infrastructure and associated systems throughout the United States. Pipeline

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Project Profiles

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Project Profiles

Integrity • Safety • Quality • Production

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We’re uniquely qualified to help regulated utilities maintain and restore services for the community before and after severe weather events. Our ROW Construction Group can harness P&J’s decades of disaster recovery experience to mobilize and deploy resources quickly to respond to requests for assistance, and once we get there, you’ll have the full breadth of our self- perform capabilities behind you to get things running again for your clients. Storm Preparation & Response Program

Disaster Response

We’re ready to get communities back to normal. Since our first major hurricane clean-up after Hugo in 1989, we’ve worked with federal, state, and local governments and agencies, as well as private sector clients across the US, on a variety of disaster efforts. We’re standing by to make rebuilding possible.

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Project Profiles

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Integrity • Safety • Quality • Production

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10142 Parkside Drive, Suite 500 Knoxville, TN 37922

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