King's Business - 1938-09


T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

November, 1938

Around the World witfi A Silent Ministry Extending to Thousands o f H earts

I have received much help from it,” the writer in India began. I am in charge of fifty-seven villages with twenty evangelists and their wives, and the total Christian community exceeds 5,000. Every day in all these villages regu­ lar services are held. W e have twenty-five day schools and fifteen adult schools and twenty-five night schools. Of course, Sun­ day services and Sunday-schools are regu­ larly held. I go out on tour and help my assistants all I can. “During April and May of this year, we had two important gatherings, one for men and the other for women. Those who at­ tended were the leaders of the village con­ gregations, all promising and active. We were able to give them spiritual food from the Word of God under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The testimonies they gave, the prayers they offered, the songs they sang, the Bible stories they narrated, and the discussions they took part in were a source of wonder to us. Do you know why? THESE MEN AND WOMEN WERE ALL ILLITERATE! They had grown in grace through hearing and believing God’s Word. “We, as leaders, were able to do for our people what we did, only because of your kindly literary help (THE KING’S BUSI­ NESS) and your prayers for us. May I request that my name be added again this year to the list of missionaries who receive the magazine? T he K ing ’ s B usiness is a companion, a treasury, a blessing, and real daily bread to me and to my helpers, indeed to all of us. It is a wonderful paper, full of God’s truth.” As a postscript, the Indian pastor added a sentence pregnant with eagerness. "I am posting this letter on the seventh of Septem­ ber,” he wrote, "and shall be counting the days until I see the dear K ing ’ s B usiness again.” Other readers also are

prayer is winging its way heavenward con­ cerning the ministry of a certain monthly journal which is dedicated to the glory of the Living Lord. For instance, this letter comes from the storm center of Chinkiang in Kiangsu Province: “We are living in a ruined city,” a veteran missionary writes, but God is with us. We greatly appreciate T he K ing s B usiness . If this ministry can be continued for us, we shall be most thank­ ful. W e remember you and your good work in prayer.” Always “A Ministry” The writers of these touching messages are only two of the 1,157 persons in foreign countries to whom T he K ing ’ s B usiness is sent. Many are missionaries. Some are un­ able to pay for their subscriptions. But in line with its determination to make the mag­ azine a ministry and never an agency of profit, the management of T he K ing ’ s B usi ­ ness gladly cooperates generously with contributors to the “King’s Business Free Fund” for the benefit of missionary readers. For all subscribers, situated as they are in every State of the Union and fifty-three foreign countries, every effort is made to provide in T he K ing ’ s B usiness a balanced spiritual diet. True to Original Purposes T he K ing ’ s B usiness is today the same in purpose as it was in January, 1910, when the first number was issued. Not to be colossal, or impressive, or sensational, but faithful —faithful to the teaching of the Word of God and the atoning blood of Christ—this has been the designation which this magazine has striven for, and by the

S OMETIME before 1924, at R. A. Tor- rey’s direction, a mailing wrapper was addressed to a post office of impossible pronunciation: Vemulavada P. O., Karim- nagar Dist., So. India. The action was re­ peated month after month. And somehow— through the wonder of modem postal sys­ tems—a certain piece of mail reached a cer­ tain native pastor situated in Nizam’s Do­ minions, near the top of that populous tri­ angle that South India forms as it pushes itself to a point, in the Indian Ocean. Year after year, with more or less regu­ larity, this gentleman received his valued piece of mail from America. A few weeks ago, he wrote a letter about it. The letter arrived in the offices in Los Angeles from which the brown mailing wrapper had been going forth systematically to India. The letter bore evidence of having been pains­ takingly worded in what, to the writer, was a foreign language, and when it reached its destination in Los Angeles, it was pass­ ed from person to person to be read. And all who read it thanked God—some of them with tears of rejoicing. To think that souls were being saved fourteen thousand miles from California— that believers were being strengthened in their faith—and all because, with other agencies, there was one “silent minister," T he K ing ’ s B usiness , which the Holy Spirit was using to reveal Christ! The real­ ization was glorious. Letters Revealing Great Depth of Meaning The late Dr. R. A. Torrey sent me T he K ing s B usiness for a number of years, and

grace of God has attained. Nobody knew, in 1910, when the first-issue of T he K ing s B usiness was brought

“counting the of raids and uncertainty—

days.” From China—land bombs and distress and

out, how far the influence of the magazine would extend. And, seemingly, nobody cared particularly about that point, for the first objective of the undertaking was not

growth in circulation but the declaration o f a message. On page four of that original number, in the staccato phrasing that char­ acterized the publication, appears a note

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