King's Business - 1938-09

November, 1938

T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S


the Gospel

stating, "T he K ing ’ s B usiness will be is­ sued monthly to take the place of our week­ ly Sunday-school slips. W e hope,” adds the unannounced editor in a rare outpour­ ing of words, "to make the little paper a means of blessing to many hearts, and a stimulus to definite service for the Lord.” Volume I, Number 1 contained just eight­ een pages, printed on a tiny page 8J/£ inches high by 5% inches wide. Of artistic arrangement of the magazine, there is not a trace. But all the early issues of this pub­ lication possess a tremendous and vital force. They are marvels of condensation. On through the years—some of them be­ ing periods of severe stress of one kind or another—through the mercy of the Lord, the magazine’s ministry has been a development of. those interests introduced in the initial number: the helping of ministers and Sun­ day-school teachers in the study and teach­ ing of the Word of God, the stimulating of all Christians to individual personal work, the deepening of spiritual life of believers, and cooperation in the training of students for Christian service. For Sunday-School Teachers In the first issue, eleven pages of the

About 7,000,000 copies of THE K IN G 'S BUSINESS have gone forth to carry the gospel in powerful messages during the past twenty- nine years of the magazine's service.

rey, S. D. Gordon, James M. Gray, G. Campbell Morgan, W . Graham Scroggie, J. H. Jowett, Robert G. Lee, and others. From the first, the significance of prophetic fulfillment has been stressed, that he who reads his newspaper may find in it new reason to read and believe the Scriptures. In the January, 1910, issue: Under the caption, "Prophecy Fulfilling,” reference is made to “the Jewish outlook” and “the offer of Mesopotamia to the Jews.” In the November, 1938, issue (this month’s magazine): With the title, “The European Imbroglio,” appears a writer’s statement, “W e are not saying that Musso­ lini is the Antichrist. We say only that, should the church be taken out of the world today___ Mussolini would stand be­ fore the world as the most likely candidate for that position.” "I love the way you keep us up-to-date with the things going on around us,” writes a present subscriber in Toledo, Ohio. "My husband and I are new Christians,” writes a friend in Orland, Calif. “W e were given a copy of T he K ing ’ s B usiness . We want it in our home; it is such a help to us!” Other readers speak of "inspiration,” "soundness of doctrine,” and “spiritual help” in connection with their reading of this magazine. Sharing in the Training o f Students T he K ing ’ s B usiness always has been the official organ of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. Concerning the Institute we read in an early issue: "The Institute was organized and incorporated on a strong evangelical basis . . . No one can ever hold an office or teach in the School who does [Continued on page 399]

eighteen were devoted to the following month’s Sun­ day-school lessons, under

From Canon City, Colo.: "T he K ing ’ s B usiness is a boon to all who are active in lurch, Sunday-school, and young people’s ork.” For Personal Workers Who would not be stirred to new en­ deavor along the line of personal witness­ ing for Christ if he read—as he might, in the January, 1910, K ing ’ s B usiness —page after page of striking accounts of the Lord’s working through individuals and groups? For example, in that issue it was pointed out that the Bible Women of the Bible In­ stitute of Los Angeles, a group of conse­ crated lay workers, had visited in the year a total of 6,040 homes, giving out the gos­ pel; and some of the results that these and other workers witnessed were set forth for the encouragement and instruction of the magazine’s readers. Likewise today, it is the aim of T he K ing ' s B usiness to stimulate Christians to engage in personal work A glance at the present issue will indicate that in pictures, in comments, and in articles, attention is called repeatedly to that holy delight that only the soul-winner may know. For the Deepening of Spiritual Life From the early years to the present, the plan to give to K ing ’ s B usiness readers food for the soul has brought to these mag­ azine columns foremost teachers of the Word of God: A. T . Pierson, R. A. Tor-

th e t i t l e , " B r i e f Thoughts f o r Busy Teachers.” The whole question of personal

work was dealt with under such catch words as "Equipment” (which, it was pointed out, includes a pocket Bible), “Knowledge,” “Love of Work,” and "Catching Men.” The comments were not those of a theorist, but the earnest utter­ ances of a comrade-in-arms. It is still true that more readers choose T he K ing ’ s B usiness because of its Sun­ day-school lesson exposition than for any other reason. Three letters from current mail are representative of hundreds of others: From Chicago, III.: “T he K ing ’ s B usi ­ ness carries unique helps for the study of the Sunday-school lessons that are worth the price of the subscription to me.” From Ellensburg, Wash.: “I greatly ap­ preciate the object lessons, and use them in my junior church.”

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