King's Business - 1938-09


T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

November, 1938


The Bible Institute


Witnesses in Varied Fields M a r y e . h u n t e r , ’ 28,226 w u - low St., Pacific Grove, Calif., is on furlough from service in the Cam- eroun, W . Africa, under the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions. With their sailing dates only two weeks apart, two brothers, Aron and Albert Jant- zen, Institute graduates, left for two differ­ ent Oriental mission fields. Albert L. (’29) and Mrs. Jantzen and their little daughter sailed September 17 from Vancouver, B.C., Can., for China, to serve under the General Conference Mennonite Board of Foreign Missions. They planned to enroll in the College of Chinese Studies, Peiping, N. China. Affiliated with the same board, Aron E. (’31) and Mrs. Jantzen (Kathryn Louthan, ’30) sailed on October 1 from Vancouver for India, where their address for the present will be in care of their mis­ sion board at Champa, C. P., India. Dr. Marshall P. and Mrs. Welles (Helen L. Antisdale, ’29) and their two-year-old NO EXCUSE For failing to help give underprivileged mountain children like these a chance to hear of a Saviour. Our missionaries are now working in eight counties of Kentucky, ministering to the spiritual and phys­ ical needs of thousands. Many we cannot reach for lack of funds. Will you be a co-worker with us in prayer, and, if so led, by your gifts also? W rite a post card for our literature, and if you will in­ clude the addresses of ten Christians interested in missions, we will send you a book of Scripture seals and a supply of assorted tracts absolutely free. AMERICAN INLAND MOUNTAIN MISSION 7015 So. Artesian Ave., S. : : :: Chicago, 111.

son Robert, sailed on September 6 for Pei­ ping, N. China, where they are enrolled in the College of Chinese Studies. They are serving under the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions and expect to engage in medical missionary work. Dr. Welles is a physician, and his wife a graduate nurse. Jason P. (’16) and Mrs. Steer, Rt. 1, Box 69, Grants Pass, Ore., after four years of prayer concerning the matter, have es­ tablished a “Faith Home” for children of faith missionaries. Mr. and Mrs. Steer were formerly missionaries with the Bolivian In­ dian Mission in South America. Willard (’36) and Mrs. Backer (Evlin Crowe, ’36), are serving in Soap Lake, Wash., where Mr. Backer is pastor of the Evangelical Church. He writes of blessing received through evangelistic meetings con­ ducted by J. B. Long of Inglewood, Calif. In the summer Mr. and Mrs. Backer at­ tended their church’s camp and stayed with Allen (’33) and Mrs. Backer (Elizabeth Renich). Former and present Biola students who attended Camp Wycliffe, the missionary training camp in Siloam Springs, Ark., this summer included Josephine Amend, B.Ch.E. ’38; Richard Dilworth, Th.B. ’38; Nadine Douglass; Evelyn Griset, and Newel A. (’37) and Mrs. Stickney (Elsie Huntamer, ‘37). Eugene A. Nida of the faculty of the Bible Institute was on the teaching staff at Camp Wycliffe. Miss Amend, Miss Griset, and Mr. and Mrs. Stickney plan to engage this winter in translation work among prim­ itive Indian tribes with the hope of even­ tually getting the Bible into these now un­ written languages. Married Harland C. Huff and Grace Wilkins, ’34, Sept. 16, La Verne, Calif. Timothy G. Pietsch, ’33, and Helen A. Dozier, Sept. 20, Fukuoka, Japan. Born To Earl F. (’22) and Mrs. Morgan, a son, Donald Earl, May 31, Escondido, Calif. With the Lord On May 26, 1938, F. C. Rech, of Hoku- chin, Korea, was accidentally caught and killed in the machinery at a gold mine where he was manager of a gold dredger. Mr. Rech and his wife (Helen Yeths, ’26) had both taught in the Pyeng Yang Ameri­ can High School for children of missiona­ ries in Korea, before going to Hokuchin, and both of them sought and found added op­ portunities to witness for Christ in this business post in the mining community. Mrs. Rech returned to America and has been living at 20127 Saticoy St., Canoga Park, Calif. Word has come that EsteHa Weldun, ’23, went to be with the Lord on April 19, at Santa Barbara, Calif.

Four of James H. McConkey’s best known booklets. Sent absolutely free to any one interested enough to write for them. Address S ilver Publishing So cie ty Dept. Kf 423 Bessemer Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa.

L. A. P AC I F I C COL L E GE “ 4 S C H O O L S IN O N E ” HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR COLLEGE BIBLE COLLEGE • • • • • Degrees: A.B., Th.B. Accreditation Evangelical Catalogue . . . I I Semester January 30 Write: PRESIDENT BYRON S. LAMSON 5732 Ebey Avenue * Los Angeles, Calif.



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