King's Business - 1938-09

November, 1938


T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

Clifts %eceived during September, 1938

VIEWS AND REVIEWS [Continued from page 365]

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the air. Men were naked and not ashamed, not because they were innocent, but be­ cause no sense of guilt assailed them.” Not only the geographical configura­ tions, but also the cultural and moral condi­ tions, of the old Roman Empire are mani­ festing themselves in the world today. DRIVE FOR UNIFORM DIVORCE LAWS: The 1939 Congress doubtless will be the scene of renewed activity in behalf of uniform divorce laws. Under the present system, each state has its own particular and peculiar statute. The state laws range from South Carolina’s, prohibiting divorce entirely, to Nevada’s which allows it for almost any or no reason on the completion of a forty-five day "residence period.” The “uniform” law being sponsored in Congress would permit divorce for five basic "causes.” No decree would be final until a full year has elapsed from the time the "interlocutory” decree was granted. Some proposed drafts of a uniform law vary in detail, but they all seem to follow this general pattern. The principal objection to the proposed bill—apart, of course, from its unbiblical standards for the marriage relationship—is that, if made a federal matter, the issuance and control of divorce may become a "po­ litical football,” like other vital issues be­ fore the Congress. Confusion and domestic chaos would result if Congress were, from year to year, to adjust drastically upward and downward the limitations and restric­ tions on the granting of divorce. It is argued also that ours is a large country, with sectional and cultural differences and standards, and that while today there is not enough “uniformity” in divorce laws, there is an equal danger in imposing too much "uniformity” by blanketing the whole na­ tion with one rigid, unvarying law. Despite manifest arguments against it, the drive for uniform divorce laws seems to have popular backing of public opinion, generally speaking. If the matter comes to a vote in the coming Congress, it should pass. However, there is grave doubt as to its constitutionality. Legal minds believe a constitutional amendment would be requi­ site to validate federal control of divorce. It is not probable that public opinion at this time is strong enough for the proposal to back a constitutional amendment, re­ quiring the concurrence of two-thirds of Congress and three-fourths of the state legislatures. WHERE ARE THE NINE? [Continued from page 366] other nine lepers robbed the heart of Jesus of the gratitude His miracle of healing de­ served. Often we rob our friends of joy and happiness simply because we forget to say "Thank you.” Only one out of ten gave thanks, and the proportion remains the same. Ingratitude! It is cruel. “Blow, blow thou winter wind* Thou art not so unkind— As man’s ingratitude!” Robert Bums, the Scottish bard, declared, "Man's inhumanity to man makes countless

Honor Roll ........ 45S.9S “Go Forward” Campaign.'...'....,. 1,860.14 China ..... :........................... .! 354.50 General Fund .......................... 1,157.57 $3,828.16 The Bible Institute of Los Angeles

Perfect Voice Institute, Studio 7808, 64 E. Lake St., Chicago

f i n T I f l catalog — 1938 edition, Christmas m M X u ii music, containing two New Dramatic Pageant Service Programs, also descriptions of Pageants, Dramas, and Cantatas. NEW—C H R IS T M A S H E L P E R N o. 26— Only 25c. 133 recitations, drills, 6 songs, 2 special features, “What the Clock Saw."—- “Star Rays." Not sent for examination. NEW—“A CHRISTMAS SECRET’’—25c. Young folk's cantata, sparkling music and dialogue. Send for examination copy. NEW—SPECIAL DRAMAS—25c. Contains a “White Gift" program and 2 others- Send for examination copy. SPECIAL PACKET—Send 30c for all above (and more) value $1.00 but only one packet to each School or Church. ''J L RDD EH EA V ER dBALL-MACK^&I Suite 1384, 28 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. Suite 768, 124 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. OLD RUGGED CROSS PUBLICATIONS SONG LEAFLET OFFER Two fine leaflets with recent numbers by Rev. Geo. Bennard, one copy of both, 25c; 2 for 40c, effective a short time only. This is exactly what you may receive by ordering promptly. The most., recent' one has two of his very latest' song's “Sailing, Not .Drifting,” and “ Yielded to Thee.” The other is being requested greatly by lovers of sacred music and is entitled “The Christ of The Human Road.” Both very excellent, and all who play or sing should certainly secure copies^ Our supply is very limited. NOTE REDUCED PRICE . . . 50c Also remember our fine “Bennard's Melodies” solos and duets. New “ Song Specials” book with most of his latest compositions, 25c copy; few copies in autographed blue Frostel cover, 30c. New Wall Plaque with words “The Old Rugged Cross” on attractive background of five colors, 50c each; the same on beautiful bookmark, any color, 25c. Send all orders to: BENNARD MUSIC COMPANY Hermosa Beach, California Everywhere today m en and women in in ­ creasing num bers are turning to th e Bible for com fort and enlightenm ent. In a world of conflicting ideas, th e B ible’s clear-cu t message brings hope, inspira tionand peace. During your own spare time — at home — you may gain an intimate knowledge of the Bible and practical methods for teaching, or other forms of Christian service. 16 complete courses. Personal, friendly counsel. Certificate, upon completion, for every course. 8 courses offer credits for residential study at Moody Bible Institute. ENROLL NOW. .....M A IL THIS COUPON TODAY— » DepL KK3I7 153 Institute Place, Chicago, III. Please send FREE Bible Test and illustrated prospectus for □ Synthetic Bible Study. □ Great Epochs of Sacred History. □ Fundamentals of Christian Faith. □ Scripture Memorizing for Personal Work. □ Scripture Truth. □ Mountain Peaks of Prophecy. □ Scofield Bible Correspond­ ence Course. □ Evangelism. Name_______________________________________ Address_____________________________________ The MOODYBible Institute jf i f If, C O R R E S P O N D E N C E S C H O O L T53 I N S T I T U T E P L A C E H C H IC A G O , ILLINO IS I____ I

558 South Hope Street Los Angeles, California Evangelistic Notices

T he H arwood - J ones E vangelistic P arty , 412 Ulysses Street, Los Angeles, Calif., has been scheduled for meetings as follows: Oct. 16 to 30—Struthers Baptist Tabernacle, Struthers, Ohio; Nov. 2 to 13— Union Rescue Mission, Newcastle, Pa.; Nov. 20 to Dec. 4—Grace Baptist Church, Omaha, Nebr., and Dec. 5 to 18—Bemis Park Baptist Church, Omaha, Nebr. T he W hitwell E vangelistic P arty , 558 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, Calif., has arranged the following meetings: Oct. 9 to 23—Scio Community Church, Scio, Ore.; Oct. 30 to Nov. 13—Mill City Com­ munity Church, Mill City, Ore.; Nov. 16 to 27 — Maxwell Independent Baptist Church, Maxwell, Colusa Co., Calif., and Dec. 4 to 18—Carmichael Independent Bap­ tist Church, Carmichael, Calif. Linnea Bengston, 1211 Penn. Ave., Des Moines, Iowa, General Secretary of the Iowa Christian Fundamentals Association, sends the following news items: H. D. Juroe of Des Moines, Iowa, was called into the presence of Christ on Sun­ day, September 25, after an illness of less than three days. R. R. Kratz, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Creston, Iowa, went to be with the Lord on September 12 after a protracted illness. He had served on the Executive Committee of the Iowa Christian Funda­ mentals Association for several years and as First Vice-President for two years. C. E. Rash has resigned the pastorate of the First Federated Church of Des Moines. He plans to make his home in Wheaton, 111. The many friends who are missing Mr. Rash from the fellowship in the Iowa Association are hopeful that his phys­ ical health will show improvement. The newly organized Waterloo Bible' In­ stitute, Waterloo, Iowa, was scheduled to open on October 3. The following officers have been chosen: President, P. B. Che- nault; Vice-President, W . C. Benshoof; Secretary and Registrar, M. R. Rogers; Treasurer, Hillmore Cedarholm, and Chair­ man of Board of Trustees, Grayham Hay. Among the instructors are P. B. and Mrs. Chenault, William E. Kuhnle, C. O. Loken, Leola Strope, and Robert J. Wells. Har­ old B. Street will act as Dean. Classes are being held evenings in the Y.M.C.A. building. Iowa Christian Fundamentals Association

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