King's Business - 1938-09

November, 1938

T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S


More than a dozen of the publications of LOU IS T. T A L B O T . Each one a useful presentation of fundamental Christian doc­ trine ... Set forth in simple and easily understood language .,. Making Bible study a delightful recreation. BOOKS THAT STABILIZE LIVES! T RUE Christian doctrine does not change. It is fixed and immov­ able, but it does require interpre­ tation into the language and thought

Interpreters of Current Events Today Christian faith, grounded in a knowledge of God's Word, interprets current events in the light of Scripture prophecy. Mussolini raging and threat- ing in Italy, and Hitler rattling the sabre in Germany— these men and others are, if they but knew it, but actors on a stage set thousands of years ago and described minutely in the Word of God. If you would understand the world's news as it blares from radios and shrieks from newspapers, study the Word of God. If you would possess a peace and security that the wildest storm of poli­ tics— nay, of invasion and war— cannot disturb, read and believe the Scriptures. THE TALBOT BOOKS WILL HELP YOU. Exceptional Offer With one annual subscription to T h e K ing ’ s B u sin ess ($1.50 in U .S.), one Talbot book OR two pamphlets will be sent free. Please indicate your selection on the accompanying coupon. To any contributor to the work of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles who will send $25.00 or more, the complete set will be given.

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THE KIN G 'S BUSINESS 558 SOUTH HOPE STREET LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA LIST A (check one) 0 God's Plan of the Ages □ Addresses on Romans

of every generation. With exceptional skill, Louis T. Talbot has accomplished this task for present-day readers. There is nothing technical or abstruse about his method. He begins by thoroughly believing what he teaches, and then he teaches what he believes— simply, sin­ cerely, and clearly. His intensive expe­ rience as a pastor and radio preacher has given him a unique knowledge of the public's needs in doctrinal exposi­ tion, and his books are the fruition of his years of labor. An unusual offer is made to readers of T he K ing ’ s B u sin ess and other friends of the Bible Institute of Los An­ geles. By special arrangement with Dr. Talbot, President of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles and Pastor of the Church of the Open Door, Los Angeles, we are permitted to offer the above publications on special terms. Remember that the doctrine which Dr. Talbot teaches is the age-old gospel. It is life-changing; thousands in every age have testified to the renewing, in­ vigorating, confidence-begetting effect of the clear exposition of the gospel of the grace of God.

□ The Revelation of Jesus Christ □ Objects That Talk and Teach 0 The Great Prophecies of Daniel □ Heresies Exposed (Compiled by W illiam C. Irvine. Introduction by Dr. Talbot.)

0 The Feasts of Jehovah 0 Lectures on Ephesians LIST B (check two) 0 The Mystery of Suffering 0 Russia

0 If Christ Should Not Return—What Then? 0 Jesus Christ the King of Israel as Seen in Matthew's Gospel 0 Jesus Christ the Perfect Servant of Jehovah as Seen in Mark's Gospel 0 I enclose $1.50 for one annual subscription to THE KING'S BUSINESS. You may send me, free, my choice of Talbot publications (one from List A, OR two from List B). 0 I enclose $_______.for the work of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. (To contributors of $25.00 or more, the complete set will be given.) Street N o.------ ----------......---------------- City.______________________________________________ State------------------------ ,------— -------

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