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November, 1938

Herod, monster of cruelty that he was, was no agnostic toward divine prophecy; for on the basis of Micah’s prophecy he proceeded to kill all the children in that region. But let us imagine a modern ruler calling to­ gether our modem religious leaders, and asking them where Christ will arrive when He comes a second time. The replies doubt­ less would be interesting—but not for their agreement. Representatives of certain pop­ ular divinity schools would argue that He never went away, and therefore could not come back. The postmillennial and amil- lennial churchmen would suggest that we should be careful not to interpret Old Tes­ tament prophecy too literally. Critical scholars would argue that the prophets spoke only to their own times and would deny altogether any genuine predictive ele­ ment. Probably the only agreement among all the different parties would be a general merriment if some premillennialist should quote Zechariah 14:4: "And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount o f O l i v e s But perhaps the premillennialists would not be invited. A little girl one morning was reading with her mother the verse: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only be­ gotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Stopping for a moment in the read­ ing, the mother asked, "Don’t you think it is very wonderful?” The child, looking surprised, replied in the negative. The mother, somewhat astonished, re­ peated the question, to which the little daughter replied, "Why, no, Mama; it would be wonderful if it were anybody else; but it is just like God.”—From the Childrens Visitor , in A Modern Cyclopedia o f Illus~ trations, by Hallock. Golden Text Illustration J ohn 3:16 Memory Verse: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will to­ ward men” (Lk. 2:14). Approach: Did you know that the name of Ae very city in which the Lord Jesus was to be born was written down in the Bible seven hundred years before He came? Lesson Story: And Gifts for the Little King M atthew 2:1-12

metal used to show that the Lord Jesus was God. Frankincense was used to mean prayer, for God says that our prayers go to heaven as sweet-smelling Incense. And we know that Jesus right now is in heaven praying for us. The wise men brought myrrh, too. Myrrh was used as a perfume on a person who had died. And the Lord Jesus was to die that those of us who be­ lieve on Him might go, when we die, into the presence of God, to live forever with Him. Are we bringing the Lord Jesus our love on this Christmas Day?

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Object Lesson T he S alvation C heck Object: A large piece of paper, lettered to represent a check. Lesson: I am going to tell you about the most generous check in the world. This check is drawn on “The Bank of Heaven." Just under the name of the bank, I read, “Resources: ‘The Unsearchable Riches of Christ.’ ” A check must have on it the name of the person to whom the money is to be paid. This one reads, "Whosoever believeth on Christ.” The amount is, “Life Eternal.” When God says “Whosoever,” I know that I am included. When the Bible speaks of believing on Christ, it means to accept Him as the One who died for our sins on the cross. On the next line of the check we read, “They shall never perish.” The one who signs a check promises to give from his account at the bank the amount named on the check. This check has at the bottom the name of the One who in His own Word makes the promise. The name is “God, the Father.” If we accept God’s Salvation Check, He will keep His promise and will give us eternal life. The date on this check is, “Now is the day of salvation.” It is the will of God that we cash our Salvation Check at once, and not put it off until tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. When you take to the bank a check made out to you, you have to write your name on the back of it before you get your money. As I turn this check over, I read, “I hereby accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Saviour, and trust His precious blood to cleanse me from all sin.” There is a place for me to write my name. My name is writ­ ten here because I already have accepted Christ as my Saviour. God does not give eternal life to those who refuse to ac­ cept Christ as Saviour. Are there those here who would like to put their names on the Salvation Check? I do not mean to put your name on this piece of paper. I am referring to taking Christ as your own personal Saviour from sin.

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a l t h o u g h Jesus’ mother lived away up north in another part of the country, she and Joseph trav­ eled to the little town of Bethlehem at just the time when the Lord Jesus should be bom. And there were people, too, waiting

and expecting this wonderful birth and ready to come with gifts for the Baby. They were wise men from a far-away country who had heard the story of a king who was expected. They followed a star that God had put in the sky to guide them to the place where the Baby lay. And they came bringing gifts worthy to be given to such a King. They brought gold, which was the

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