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November, 1938

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different ways, it is remarkable how all of them are made to point directly to His death; for example, the bruising of His heel by Satan, the covering for sin—by the death of an animal, and the sword of jus­ tice at the gate to the garden of Eden—a sword that ultimately pierced the side of our Lord . . . Especially is this true as we look into the record of His birth at Beth­ lehem. Calvary casts its shadow back to the foundations of the world, and as it passes over the city of David’s birth, dur­ ing the days of Tiberius Caesar, it reveals the end for which Christ was born—that He might die,for our sins. —The Sunday School Times. II. C h ristm a s M editation Suppose that Christ had not been born That far-away Judean mom. Suppose that God, whose mighty hand Created worlds, had never planned A way for man to be redeemed. Suppose the wise men only dreamed That guiding star whose light still glows Down through the centuries. Suppose Christ never walked here in men’s sight, Our blessed Way, and Truth, and Light. And never died for you and me, Nor shed His blood on Calvary Upon a shameful cross. Suppose That having died, He never rose, And there was none with power to save Our souls from death beyond the grave! As far as piteous heathen know, These things that I’ve “supposed"—are so! ’ v ^ -M artha S n ell N icholson , in Wings and S k y * DECEMBER 25, 1938 TH E B IR TH O F JESU S TOLD IN PO E T R Y AND SONG L u k e 1:46-55, 67-79 Meditation on the Lesson No more beautiful passage in all of litera­ ture can be found than the Magnificat of Mary, the mother of Jesus, recorded in the Gospel of Luke. Remarkable it is to note that she said: "My spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.” Thus she acknowledged her sin and her need of God’s mercy in sav­ ing her from it. And the child which was to be bom of her was God incarnate. He, her own child, was to be her Saviour! What a beautiful hymn of praise to God! The prophecy of Zacharias (Lk. 1:67- 79) is permeated with the expectation of the coming of a Saviour who would bear the weight of sin, and redeem the world from the bondage of corruption. Zacharias’ words find their fullest fulfillment in Christ who shall bring “salvation” unto His people “by the remission of their sins,” who shall “give *A choice gift book for Christmas or other occa­ sion. Copyright, 1938. Potamac velour, $1.00; cloth, $1.50. Order from H . W. Nicholson, 1406 Lagoon Ave., Wilmington, Calif. Suppose He counted all the cost, And never cared that we were lost,

light” and shall “guide our feet into the way of peace.” The coming to earth of a Redeemer has been the source of much lasting literature, and of the most beautiful songs which have ever been composed. No grander theme in all of sacred or secular story can be found than the incarnation and the saving work of the Son of God. Without studied effort, our great wealth of Christmas poetry and song has been produced as the natural ex­ pression of triumphant joy and eternal hope which shall one day be realized when He comes, whose right it is to reign. He came that in Him we might have peace; in the world we will never know peace. What a privilege to sing of Him who is our Peace! “Unto you is bom this day a Saviour" Which is Jesus Christ the wondrous Lord; Not a “teacher,” not a “good example,” But the Son of God, the Living Word. No "philosopher,” his fancies weaving, Warp of dreams and woof of vision vast, Not a “prophet," peering down the future, Not a “scholar," delving in the past. Unto you is bom this day a Saviour”; Shine, O star! and shout, O angel voice! Unto you this precious gift is given; Sing, O earth! and all ye heavens, rejoice! Long the world has waited such a Saviour, Sunk in sin and torn by fear and doubt; Long in darkness groped for truth and wisdom; Glory, glory, now the light shines out! “Unto you is born this day a Saviour,” Earth’s one hope, the Life, the Truth, the Way; Mighty God and glorious Redeemer, Jesus Christ the Lord is born today. B orn o f a V irgin The thoughtful Christian remembers that Christmas comes round each year because “the dayspring from on high hath visited us, to give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace” (Lk. 1:78, 79). One of the God-given signs by which men were to know that the Bethlehem Babe was the Christ of God was that He would be born of a virgin. All came to pass as God had said that it would, and the records are faithfully given in the Gospels.— The Sunday School Times. Gospel Booklet “Heaven and the Heavenly Road,” a new booklet by Nancy H. Griffin, presents the plan of salvation with Bible exposition, narrative, and Scripture passages. The au­ thor’s teaching concerning the present state of the dead is based on Pember’s Earth’s Earliest Age. 32 pages. Mrs. N. H. Grif­ fin, P. O. Box 55, Station C, Pasadena, Calif. Paper. Price 20 cents; 2 for 35 cents; 7 for $1.00. Helps for the Leader I. “U nto Y ou I s B orn a S aviour " — A nn ie J ohnson F lin t . II.


A ^OUnCtnCni votuoundei aitconditions TRIUMPHANT SERVICE SONGS

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