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T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

November, 1938

m MILDRED CABLE writes of the “ Perpetual Challenge of Central Asia” in a C.A.M . Brochure which will be sent with seven others on receipt of fifty c e n ts . A p p ly : Rev. Ernest E. Grimwood, Director. CENTRAL ASIAN MISSION ★ 47 Victoria St., London, S.W . 1, Eng. C E J B I C T U A C MUSIC, PLAYS, H R I S T M A S PAGEANTS, Etc. “Silen t N ight,” new pageant-service for the S. S ., price 10c; “ C hristm as R ecitations, H elps, etc.” price 25c. F R E E catalog describes general and special day Choir and Sunday School publications, and supplies specim en pages. GEO. F . RO SCHE & CO. 3 3 7 -7 1 7 W . M adison S t. • Chicago, Illinois U A R T E R S CHOIR GOWNS PULPIT ROBES • EMBROIDERIES HANGINGS • STOLES • VESTMENTS ALTAR APPOINTMENTS COMMUNION SERVICE NEW CATALOG on R«qu««t NATIONAL A C A D EM IC C A P & GOWN CO ; 821* 23 A R C H ST. fife? . 'tf-if . L AD EL PH lA, PA.

From the idols of the earth? Not the sense of right or duty, But the sight of peerless worth. ’Tis that look that melted Peter, ’Tis that face that Stephen saw, ’Tis that heart that wept with Mary, Can alone from idols draw.

INSURANCE A L L LIN ES “Since 1900” MINES, MacKEIGAN & HILKER Pershing Square Bldg. 4 4 8 S. H ill St. Phone V A -7102 Los A ngeles, Calif. HOTEL (Frances E .) WILLARD Catering to Christian Trade MEN AND WOMEN 5 3 6 -4 0 SO . H O PE S T ., LO S AN G ELES, C A L IF. North Wing—Bible Institute Reasonable Rates Write for descriptive folder

— S elected .

DECEMBER 14 With Christ "My yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matt. 11:30). W e cannot use Christ’s yoke alone; the harness is for two, and one of the two is ever Himself. In the East the stronger of a yoke of oxen always directs the weaker, who has to follow his lead. How blessed for us whose happiness is only found in following in the footsteps of our Fellow Burden Bearer!—A. T . S cho field .

B e s t W i s h e s FROM W . A . BROW N

Yesterday—He loved me! Today—He’s just the same! How long will this continue? Forever! Praise His Name!

E V E R Y T H I N G f o r t h e C H U R C H • THE JUDSON PRESS 313 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, Calif. Bilhorn Fo ld ing ORGANS

— S elected .

DECEMBER 15 Hardship for Him

"Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier o f Jesus Christ" (2 Tim. 2:3). There is no house of life out of reach of the stream. So, to be surprised when the rain descends and the floods come, and the winds blow and beat upon the house, as though some strange thing happened unto us, is unreasonable and unjust; it so miscalls our good Master, who never told us to build for fair weather or even to be careful to build out of reach of floods. "W e must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God” is not a fair-weather word . . . Even so, even though we must walk in the land of fear, there is no need to fear. The power of His resurrection comes before the fellowship of His sufferings. — A m y C arm icha el . “These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women’ (Acts 1:14). Do you suppose there would have been anybody converted on the day of Pente­ cost if the one hundred and twenty had been criticizing Peter? Suppose James had said to John, "It is the most influential con­ gregation I have ever seen in Jerusalem . . . and yet Peter is giving a very ordi­ nary sort of talk.” But Peter had not talked very long before there came gales from heaven that swept over that audience.. Those one hundred and twenty were hold­ ing Peter up in prayer.—D. L. M oody . "Most gladly therefore will 1 rather glory in my infirmities, that the power o f Christ may rest upon me" (2 Cor. 12:9). The Lord Christ suffered not for suffer­ ing’s sake, but for our sake. And if you are enabled to welcome your pain in a deep nearness to Him, in order that you may be DECEMBER 16 Criticism or Prayer DECEMBER 17 Suffering for Others

»»fND I C r T A I UD JC v^ I/\LlxO ----- boys and girl8 illustrated by familiar objects. 'I "TALKS O N TEXTS"— 20 children's Sermons. Illuminated by fas­ cinating illustrations. "PAPER TEAR ING TALKS"— 15 Gospel talks. Paper is folded, then torn and the object is unfolded. Interesting to old and young. Full directions. One Pastor writes: “Your talks are the best I have ever used or have been able to find.” Each set $1.00 All Three $2.00 55 talks—whole year with the Children— Over 47,000 in use. Haddon Service, Box 164-B, Fairfield, Conn.

20 bright talks to

World Famous for more than 50 years; Sweet tone ¡Aston­ ishing volume; Durable; Inexpensive.

T R O P IC A L LY TREA TED Write for folder and prices • BILHORN BROS. ORGAN CO. 1414 McLean Ave. Dept. K

Chicago, III.

YOU ARE INV ITED to Open Your Savings Account with EQUITABLE PLAN C O M P A N Y “A Savings Institution’* NOT a Building-Loan Association 5% P er Annum In terest C. O. ANDERSON, M gr. Suite 302. Financial Center Bldg. Phone VA-3935 • Los Angeles • 704 S. Spring Authors’ Illustration Service Publishers demand better picture copy. Suitable photographs and other art sub­ mitted ready for use in Christian literature and travel, fact or scientific articles and books promote sales and bring you profit. I make high-grade illustration photographs on order, offer expert criticism and aid in preparing your own films and pictures for printer; supply drawings, en g rav in g s, slides. Photographs of Holy Land and other subjects for sale. Write me your problems today. A D E L B E R T B A R T L E T T 535 Fifteenth Street • Santa Monica, Calif. ( Reference , King?s Business)

A Real G ift to You! Our New D escriptive and Illustrated Book Catalog, containing nearly 1200 item s, closely indexed and topically classified. You need this convenient listing of som e of the world’s best books and pam phlets, free I BIBLE INSTITUTE COLPORTAGE ASS’N 810 N orth W ells S treet :: Chicago, III. ASTHMA HAY FE V E R— A B ritish M issionary from India c o m p le t e ly freed of A sthm a 17 years ago will be very pleased to send helpful inform ation on request. Mrs. G. Roberts, 35-K Roxboro St., W. T oronto, Canada

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