King's Business - 1938-09


T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

November, 1938

shout each word he utters to the grimy en-, gineers below; and often have I longed that my will should repeat, as accurately and as promptly, the words and will of God, that all the lower nature might obey. It is for lack of this subordination that we so often miss the guidance we seek . . . Hand your­ self over to Him to work in you to will and to do of His good pleasure. . . . So shall you be able to detect His guidance. - — F . B. M eyer . DECEMBER 29 Surrendered "My judgment is just; because 1 seek not mine own will, but the will o f the Father which hath sent me" (John 5:30). This was the secret which Jesus not only practiced but also taught. In one form or another, He was Insisting constantly on surrendered will as the key to perfect knowledge. "If any man will do his will, he shall know.” There is all the difference between a will that is extinguished and one that is surrendered. God does not demand that our wills should be withered up like the sinews of a fakir’s unused arm. He only asks that they should say "Yes” to Him. —F. B. M eyer . DECEMBER 30 Light "The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness " (Psa. 18:28). Why should I dread to descend the shaft of affliction if it leads me to the gold mine of spiritual experience? Why should I cry out if the sun of my prosperity goes down, if in the darkness of my adversity I shall be better able to count the starry promises with which my faithful God has been pleased to gem the sky? Go, thou sun, for in the dark we shall see ten thousand suns which were hidden from us by thy light. — C h a rles H addon S purgeon . DECEMBER 31 Joyous Obedience "Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it” (John 2:5). Oh, that we may feel from year's end to year’s end the infinite preciousness and con­ descension of having Christ to speak to us! . . . Do and ye shall know. . . . Do and ye shall rejoice with exceeding great joy; and the Christ of God will rejoice over you, satisfied because "He shall see of the travail of his soul” (Isa. 53:11). Yes, His joy and yours are bound up with your obedience. —J. B. F iggis . THANKSGIVING SUNDAY [Continued from page 364] giving Sunday affords an excellent oppor­ tunity for the demonstration of Christian gratitude, humility, and dependence upon God, and that the rallying of Christian forces for the offering of sacrifices of praise, thanksgiving, and prayer is a church-wide responsibility. Millions who are forget­ ting God need to be awakened. The priestly position and ministry of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ must he recovered. If used properly, Thanksgiving Sunday may prove an aid to revival, for it can bring in­ dividuals and groups low before the only One who is able to bring true blessing. Why not make Thanksgiving Sunday a day of thanksgiving and prayer?

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Qhristmar Bteryiddure! QodiP tpite Bells are ringing Ansels-are sinking LehusJoin theJudeanShepherds,asmeu hasten loBelhlahem lo find ¡he ChrisP Child. Enthrone HiminVburHeart iodau ■\s the Phnee-cf-Pbace cJZ --''1 c/^au theNew-born Christ" Dispel all fearsTRit toFlight all Discord.Fordid^all Wrontfr.Strengthen.eOeruNoblePurpose andChristianize Humanity. Come, letus "Worship theSaOiorofMen— the Dnnder of Qoodwill—the Christ- op FVopKecuJ <7"Tai|Vou be Rich in. Christmas’ 0 Blessmds Deo


Rich and handsome examples of the color lithographic art. Each scene brings the spirit of the church attendant into close harmony with sacred Christmas festival. They are useful in aiding worship and give happiness to the congregation. You may want Money Help for your Church and Sunday School. We have it in Unique Christmas Dime Collectors, Slot Envelopes and Banks. A Sampler Package Without Cost T o Y O U . Our Pastor*s Christmas Catalogue. Thirty-six Helpful Pages Available on Request. GOODENOUGH & WOGLOM COMPANY Dept. 21 296 Broadway, New York Ninety Years* History in Helping Churches and Sunday Schools

m m

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flThe Best in Gospel Music** Dept. K.B.



A Warning In one of the northern counties of Cali­ fornia, it has been necessary to notify friends of the Bible Institute of Los An­ geles that any person carrying credentials

of “The Bible Institute" is not a representa­ tive of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. In fact, as far as Is known, there is no in­ stitution in Los Angeles by the title of "The Bible Institute.”

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