King's Business - 1938-09

Semiannual Buyers’GuidePrizeContestCloses December31,1938 To Our Readers Special Offer to Advertisers Every purchaser of display advertising (one inch or more) receives a free Buyers* Guide notice, properly classi­ fied and indexed, including ( l ) the advertiser’s name and address, (2) a notice of his goods or services, and (3) a cross reference to the page on which his carefully prepared ad appears. Combined with the readers* prizes listed above, this offer constitutes a complete and very successful Mer­ chandising Plan. Write for rates: Advertising Manager, T H E K IN G ’S BUSINESS, 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, California. • BUYERS’ GUIDE • SCHEDULE OF PAYMENTS Search the columns below, buy or recommend the pur­ chase of any item, and you have qualified as a contestant. Send us the facts (article bought and dealer’s name) with your own comments, and you will win a prize. Note the awards: F IR S T P R IZ E— -Cash $5.00. S E C O N D P R IZ E— 1 annual subscription to T H E K IN G ’S BU SINE SS and a beautiful Teacher’s Bible. N E X T TEN P R IZ E S— 1 annual subscription to T H E K IN G ’S BUSINESS. A D D IT IO N A L A W A R D S — Every participant in the con­ test will receive recognition for his work in the form of prizes. For further particulars address: Circulation M an­ ager, T H E K IN G ’S BUSINESS, 558 S. Hope St., Los A n ­ geles, California.

BANKING (Savings) PLAN COMPANY, 7Ô4 £ Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif. Allows 5 % on savings pass book accounts. See display ad page 394. BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES AMERICAN CHRISTIAN BENEVOLENT S o ­ ciety, Rushford, Minn. W rite for particulars. See display ad page 389._______________________ BIBLE BINDING GRACE BIBLE HOUSE AND BINDERY. Bibles repaired and rebound. Flexible leather covers a specialty. New Analytical Bible, best and biggest biblical library within two covers. Grace Whidden, 2026 E. Fourth St., Long Beaçh, Calif.__________ BIBLES B. B. KIRKBRIDE BIB LE COMPANY, MERI- dian Life Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind., publishers of “The New Chain-Reference Bible.” See dis­ play ad back cover. J. W. McCARRELL. 1142 WISCONSIN AVE., Oak Park, 111., agent for Scofield Reference Bibles. Send for catalogue. See display ad page 390. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. 114 FIFTH Ave., New York, N. Y., selling the new Garnet Self-pronouncing Bible. See display ad page 376. ____________BOOK STORES___________ BIOLA BOOK ROOM, 560 SOUTH HOPE ST., Los Angeles, Calif. Headquarters Fundamen­ tal Literature. See display ad page 362. JUDSON PRESS, 313 W. THIRD STREET, LOS Angeles, Calif. Everything for the church. See display ad page 394. SCHULTE’S BOOK STORE. 80 AND 82 Fourth Ave., New York City. Second-hand books a specialty. See-display ad -page 380. WESTERN BOOK AND TRACT COMPANY (Oakland’s Leading Bible House), 1730 Tele­ graph Ave., Oakland, Calif., Dr. H. A. Iron­ side, President. Christian literature. Send for our catalogues and receive free booklet, also. CARTOON TRACTS GOSPEL TRUTH POSTER SERVICE, FIND- lay, Ohio, agents for Dr. Pace’s cartoon tracts. See display ad page 387. ____________ CHOIR AND PULPIT GOWNS COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY, Champaign, 111., makers of choir robes. See display ad page 390. DeMOULIN BROS. & CO., 1126 S. 4TH ST., Greenville, 111., makers of choir gowns and pul­ pit hangings. See display ad page 387. 3 7 NEW BLACK POPLIN PLEATED CHOIR Gowns. Academic Style. $3.75 each. Lindner, 425-RP Seventh Ave., New York. NATIONAL ACADEMIC CAP & GOWN CO., 821 -23 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. Send for catalogue of robes and other church appoint- ments. See display ad page 394. _____________ CHRISTIAN PUBLICATIONS AMERICAN PROPHETIC LEAGUE, INC., 4747-475.1 Townsend Ave., Los Angeles, Calif., offers free book with “Prophecy Monthly” sub­ scriptions. See display ad page 392. EQUITABLE

THE BIBLE INSTITUTE COLPORTAGE ASS’N, 843 N. Wells St., Chicago, 111., will send upon request, “How to Pray,” by R. A. Torreÿ; also free' hew Book Catalogue. See display ads pages 387 and 394. “THE WORLD CONSPIRACY AGAINST GOD, or Thé Prophetic Significance of the Rise and Spread of Organized Atheism in Relation to the Coming of the Antichrist,” by Martin S. Charles, reclaimed atheist and former editor of the Godless World monthly, official organ of the International League of the Godless in America. Price 5c. Free to pastors, evangel­ ists, Sunday-school teachers, and other Chris­ tian leaders. Enclose 3c postage. Address 9322 Third Ave., Inglewood, Calif. Telephone PLeasant 1-2658. CHRISTIAN SERVICE PRESS, P. O. Box 174K, Moline, 111., agents- for Christian books, tracts, and greeting cards. See display ad page 396. CHRISTIAN W ITNESS TO ISRAEL, INC., River^Ave. a t Cross St., Lakewood, N. J., will send “Prophecy” publication free. See display ad page 393. JOHN F. McBRIDE, 28 E. 40TH AVE., VAN- couver, B.C., Can., offering literature dealing with false cults and isms. See display ad page 388. REV. FRANK A. M ILLER, 125 S. AVE. 60, Los Angeles, Calif., publisher of 14 Evangel­ istic Chalk Talks. 25 cents postpaid. See dis­ play ad page 390. HOWARD W. NICHOLSON, 1406 LAGOON Ave., Wilmington, Calif., offers for sale, new book of verse, “Wings and Sky.” See display ad page 390. THE STANDARD PUBLISHING COMPANY; 8th and Cutter Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio, offering complete line of C. E. Lesson Helps. See dis- play ad page 396._______________________ ______ A. E. STUERNAGEL, 817 E. 24th St.. Oakland, Calif., will send circular regarding study courses, books and tracts for sale. See display ad page 362.______________________________ SWORD AND SHIELD BOOK STORE, 38-40 W. Huron St., Buffalo, N.Y., agents for book “Sister Abigail.” See display ad page 395. WILLIAM PORTER TOWNSEND, PLAIN- field, N. J., publisher of booklet, ‘‘Remember Birdie,” and other literature. See display ad page 382.____________ .__________ _____ ______ __ TRUTH PUBLISHING CO., GUTHRIE, OKLA- agents for new publication, “The Book of Revelation,” by Bruce Corbin. See display ad page 392. CHURCH MUSIC BENNARD MUSIC COMPANY, HERMOSA Beach, Calif., specializing in “Old Rugged Cross” publications.- See display ad page 377. HOPE PUBLISHING COMPANY, 5729 W. Lake St., Chicago, 111., publishers of “The Service Hymnal,” and “Devotional Hymns.” See display ad page 378.___________________________ LILLENAS PUBLISHING CO.. 2923 TROOST Ave., Kansas City, Mo., publishers of “Glorious Gospel Hymns” and “Devotion and Praise.” See display ad page 397._____ ____________ _____ THE RODEHEAVER HALL-MACK CO., 28 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111., 124 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa., pi&lishers of “Triumphant Service Songs,” and “Youth Hymnal»” See display ads pages 380 and 391.

Price If Paid In Advance

Prlee $18.00 24.00 48.00


Price $ 4.50


Listings 30 words »/a Inch I Inch Copy due

$17.10 22.80 45.60

3 3 3

12 12 12


12.00 10th of month preceding date of publication AGENTS WANTED

GOODENOUCH & WOGLOM CO.. 296 BROAD- way, New York, N. Y ., featuring unique Christ­ mas greeting folders and church supplies. See display ad page 397. GOSPEL TRUMPET COMPANY. SACRAMEN- to, Calif., and Anderson, Ind., agents for “Sun­ shine-Line** of Christmas cards, seals, and calendars. See display ad page 381. GEORGE W. NOBLE. MONON BUILDING, Chicago, 111., will send free price list regarding selling proposition. See display ad page 388. GORGEOUS 50c AND $1 BOXES CHRISTMAS cards with or without texts (10 Christmas post cards free). Religious games and mottoes. Send for catalogue. Novelty Card Co., 5402 N. 24th St., Dept. KK8, Omaha, Nebr. CHRISTMAS FUNDS. WE OFFER YOU A profitable, pleasant way to make money for your Church Society or for your personal account. No cash needed. Natural evergreen wreaths of holly, etc., of the highest quality. Every home a sure buyer. Offer a protected territory. W rite us a t once and give references. We have something that will interest you. Jones, The Holly W reath Man, Box K.B., Milton, Del. YEAR’S BIGGEST MONEY-MAKER. SELL “Go Sunday-School-Church Seals,” 90c profit every dollar. Send 25c for $2.00 worth and guaranteed selling plans. NOW, Box 153, Reading, Pa. PEASE GREETING CARDS, INC., 264 LAU- rel St., Buffalo, N. Y ., offering Christian greet­ ing cards for Christmas and everyday use. See display ad page 382.______________ STEADY WORK. GOOD PAY. POPULARLY priced gift book. Also beautiful new Christmas card. Details free. John Rudin & Company, Inc. Dept. K.B., 1018 South Wabash, Ave., Chicago. ANNUITIES AMERICAN BIB LE SOCIETY, BIBLE HOUSE, New York, N. Y . Free booklet describing annuity agreements. See display ad page 381. JOHN BROWN SCHOOLS, SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark., offer opportunity to invest in Annuity Endowment Fund. See display ad page 396. MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE, 153 INSTITUTE Place, Chicago, 111. W rite for booklet, “Facts,” for information regarding annuity plan. See display ad page 383. _______________________ ASTHMA REMEDY__________ MRS. G. ROBERTS, 35-K ROXBORO ST., W., Toronto, Can., will send information regard­ ing remedy for asthma upon request. See dis- play ad page 394._____________________________ ______________ATTORNEY______________ CLAUDE A. WATSON, 5603 N. FIGUEROA St., Los Angeles, Calif. Attoroey-at-law. See display ad page 388.

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