King's Business - 1938-09



GEO. F. ROSCHE & CO.f 33 7-71 7 W . MAD- ison S t., Chicago, 111., offering m usic and pageants for church use. See display ad page 394._______________ __________________________ TABERNACLE PUB. C If so, send for our free assort­ ment of faith-inspiring Gospel tracts. Postage appreciated. Victory T ract League Book Room , 1408 Pickens S t., Columbia, S. C. GREETING CARDS SHEPHERD'S TOWN CARD CO., SHEP- herdstown, Pa., offers greeting cards with Christian sentim ent. See display ad page 388.

EUGENE A. SPEAR, D.C., NUTRITION SPE- cialist, 67 So. Oak St., Ventura, Calif., will send free booklet, “Food Control Chart.” See display ad page 387.________________________ _ _______________ HOTELS_______________ SOUTHLAND HOTEL, 605 S. FLOWER ST., Los Angeles, Calif., close to Bible Institute. Inexpensive. See display ad page 392.__________ HOTEL WILLARD, 536-40 S. HOPE ST., LOS Angeles, Calif. Christian hotel. Reasonable rates. See display ad page 394. INSURANCE MINES, MacKEIGAN & HILKER, 446 S. HILL St., Los Angeles, Calif. Careful and courteous attention given to your insurance needs of all kinds. See display ad page 394. JEWISH MISSION WORK AMERICAN BOARD OF MISSIONS TO THE Jews, Inc., 31 Throop Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Extensive Mission work among Jews. See dis­ play ad on contents page. NEW YORK JEW ISH EVANGELIZATION Society, P. O. Box 19, Hamilton Grange Sta­ tion, New York, N. Y. Conducts evangelistic services for Jew s. See display ad page 382. KNITTING YARN M E R IT EX YARN COMPANY, 1020 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., m akers of yarn for general knitting purposes. See display ad page 384. LANTERN SLIDES COLORED LANTERN SL ID E S TO ORD ER from photos, film s or printed m atter— 60c postpaid (highly comm ended). C. W hitefield Sim s, 6176 M yosotis, Los Angeles. MANUSCRIPTS WANTED FO RTUN Y’S PU B L ISH E R S, 67 W E ST 44TH S t., New Y ork, N. Y ., solicit book m anuscripts for publication. See display ad page 387. MISSIONS AMERICAN INLAND MOUNTAIN M ISSION, 7015 S. A rtesian Ave., S. Chicago, 111. Send for “The M iracle Man and O ther M iracles,” free. See display ad page 3 76._____________ TH E AMERICAN MISSION TO L E P E R S, INC., 156 F ifth Ave., New Y ork C ity, desiring funds to ca rry on w ork am ong lepers. See display ad page 395. CEN TRAL ASIAN M ISSION, 47 V ICTORIA ST ., London, S.W . 1, England. Send for literature of inform ation on th is m ission field. See dis­ play ad page 394. HOME OF ONESIPHORUS. 2811 N. RACINE Ave., Chicago, III., conducts Christian orphan­ age for native children in China. See display ad page 395. _____________________________________ TH E RUSSIAN G O SPEL ASSOCIATION , 64 W . Randolph S t., Chicago, 111., m aintaining m issionaries on the Russian border and in Am erica. See display ad page 393.______________ RUSSIAN M ISSIONARY SO C IETY , INC., 1844 W . Monroe S t., Chicago, 111., seeking support for evangelistic work in R ussia and Eastern Europe. See display ad page 389. SOUTH AFRICA GENERAL MISSION, 23 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Information on request. See display ad page 392. OBJECT LESSONS HADDON SERVICE, BOX 164-B, FAIRFIELD. Conn. Objectalks; being short talks to boys and girls. See display ad page 394._____________ IF YOU NEED SC RIPTU RE-G RA PH CHARAC- ters for children’s work, w rite us for inform a­ tion. A lso patterns and instru ctions for m ak­ ing your own. H ollenbeck & M cCall, Box 122. Aberdeen, S. Dak. ARNOLD W ESTPH A L, GREEN SBU RG . IND., will send free sample and list of o b ject lessons for children. See display ad page 387. OPTOMETRIST DR. FRANK H. GUERNSEY, 604 WEST 6TH St., Los Angeles, Calif., Optometrist. See dis­ play ad page 393._____ 1______ ■ ORGANIZATION MONEY-RAISING PLANS HANDY WACKS CORPORATION . SPA RTA , Mich. W rite for free catalog, easy m oney­ raising plan. See display ad page 362. METAL SPONGE SALES CORPORATION. Philadelphia, Pa., advertises cooperative sell­ ing plan. See display ad page 385. NATIONAL RELIGIOUS PRESS, GRAND Rapids, Mich. Send for church or society m oney-raising plan. See display ad page 388. ORGANS BILHORN BRO S. ORGAN CO.. INC., 14 14 M cLean Ave., Chicago, 111. M anufacturers of Bilhorn Folding Organs. Free circu lar giving prices. See display ad page 394. A. L. WHITE MFC. CO., 215 ENGLEWOOD Ave., Chicago, 111. Pipe-tone folding organs. Free catalogue. See display ad page 388.

W . E. DUTTON, 624 S. LA SA L L E ST ., Aurora, 111., agen t for personal Scripture sta- tionery. See d.splay ad page 394. PHOTOGRAPHIC A D E LBER T B A R T L E T T , 535— 15TH STREET/ San ta M onica, Calif., available for photogra­ phic illustration service. See display ad page 394. ID EA L PHO TO S, BO X 2255, PA TERSON , N. J., specializing in finer film developing. W rite for free price list. See display ad page 394. TH E PHO TO M ILL. IMM ED IATE SER V IC E! Roll developed, printed, and choice, two en­ largem ents, one tinted enlargem ent, or eight reprints, 25c coin. For sample C hristm as card send negative and five cents. The Photo Mill, Box 629-30, M inneapolis, Minn. PIANO INSTRUCTION FAIR VIEW MUSiC~CO.. 1iTO MARCONI ST., H ouston, Tex. Send for instruction book. See d:solav ad page 390.________ • ■ PRINTING QU A LITY PRINTING REA SON A BLE. TRACTS,, envelopes, letters, etc. W rite, New E ra Prin t- ers, Buffalo-2, Minn. QUILT PATTERNS ROB j IR i FRANK CO., Kalam azoo, Mich., offers folder on quilt patterns. See display ad o«cre 382, '-/- REAL ESTATE J . G. VOGET, 5603 N. FIGUEROA ST ., LO S Angeles, Calif., licensed broker. See display ad page 388. REMEDY MU SCLE-RUB COMPANY, M ITTEN BLDG., Philadelphia, Pa., offers medicine for the relief of rheum atism . See display ad page 391. SHOES BRONSON SHOE CO., 710-G W . LA K E ST ., M inneapolis,, Minn., agents for B oncon Air Cushion Shoes. Se^ display ad page 393. SOAP G A R TSID E’S IRON R U ST SOA P CO., PH ILA - delphia, Pa., m akers of soap th a t rem oves ru st from porcelain. Sea display ad page 384.______ ____________ STAMPS_______________ 350 U. S. Commemoratives, 37 varieties, in­ cluding '93, ’98 and '01 Expositions, $1.00. 400 High Face postage, including $2.00 stamp, $1.00. W ashington B i -centennial set, 20c. In- land Stamp Service, Box 5642, Chicago, 111. SUNDAY-SCHOOL LITERATURE AND SUPPLIES AMERICAN SUNDAY-SCHOOL UNION, 1816 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., offers free specimens of International Uniform Lessons. See display ad page 385._________________________ DAVID C. COOK PU BLISH IN G CO., ELGIN, 111., offjers character-bu ild ing sto ry papers for the Sunday-school. See display ad page 362. R O BER T HARDING COMPANY, INC., BOX 548, Richmond, V a.. publishers,, of “ Pell’s N otes,” lesson helps for 1939. S e e ‘ display ad page 393._______________________ ______________ TH E H IG LEY P R E SS, D EPT. K .B ., BU TLE R , Ind., offers H igley’s S. S. Lesson Comm entary, Catalog free. See display ad page 382. THE SCRIPTURE PRESS, 800 N. CLARK ST., Chicago, III., will furnish samples of “All B i­ ble Graded Series” Sunday-school lesson man- uals. See display ad page 393.___________________ UNION GOSPEL PRESS, BOX 6059, CLEVE- land, Ohio, will supply sound Sunday^school literature, also catalogue of Bibles and books. See display ad page 390. v

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