King's Business - 1938-09


November, 1938

T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

Views and Reviews of Current News By DAN GILBERT San Diego, California, and Washington, D.C.

to be used to raise the standards of public instruction in the so-called “poor” states. Educators have long noted the great dis­ parity in educational standards prevailing in the different states. States in which the income of the people is subnormal are un­ able to raise sufficient tax funds to maintain high educational standards. Proponents of the federal “subsidy" idea contend that the “poor” states must be helped with the fed­ eral funds to raise their public school sys­ tem to a par with the wealthier states. Opponents of the “federal financing" proposal see dangers lurking in the whole program. They contend that federal sup­ port of state schools will inevitably lead to federal control of state education. By such a method, state schools will become propaganda agencies for politicians in Washington, so it is argued. CRIME MARCHES ON: Excelsior, a pe­ riodical published in Mexico City, reports that 1938 has witnessed "an alarming in­ crease” of crimes of murder and out­ rageous violence comm itted against defenseless women and children. These forms of crime, characterized by “surprising cruelty,” are said to be on the rapid in­ crease in many parts of the Mexican nation. The callousness of organized criminals operating in our own and other nations of the world is a striking evidence of the fresh outbreak in modem times of the moral decadence prevailing in ancient Rome. The famous historian, Lecky, wrote in his His­ tory o f European Morals, "While the Greek and Roman world was perplexed by the mystery of being, and shadowed by the suffering of life, and while it was moved by the examples of great heroism, there was no sense o f sin possessing m ens hearts. Remorse was an unknown passion, and penitent shame was impossible. The bur­ den of guilt did not rest on even a crim­ inal’s heart. Men looked on deeds of infamy and were not shocked. The sin of the world and its moral corruption infected [Continued on page 377]

eluding the United States and Canada, were reported in attendance. The international congress is sponsored by the “World Union of Free Thinkers.” This atheistic union, created at Prague two years ago, was bom of the consolidation of the three antireligious “internationals” which were then in existence. These three world-wide organizations were the "Inter­ national Federation of Free Thought,” formed in 1880: the "Proletarian Free Thinkers International,” organized in 1926, and the “International of the Godless," founded in Soviet Russia in 1931. Among the announced speakers at the anti-God convention were H. G. Wells, noted writer and propagandist of evolution and socialism, and Professor Harold J. Laskl, well-known lecturer in American and English universities. The books of Wells and Laski are widely in use in American educational institutions. They are impor­ tant factors in steering youth into radical­ ism. The annual congress of the international atheists will be held in Moscow in 1939. Plans are under way to bring the antireli­ gious convention to the United States or Canada in 1940. Vigorous protests of thousands of Chris­ tian citizens in England were unable to halt the assembling of the international atheists in London. Investigation revealed that there exists no law under which the anti-Christ congress could be banned. A bill has been prepared for submission to Parliament, pro­ hibiting future anti-God conventions in England. Special legislation is needed in the United States, likewise, if an antireli­ gious invasion of our nation is to be fore­ stalled. drive for federal financing of state schools is expected to bear fruit in the Congres­ sional session opening in January, 1939. The goal is an initial outlay of not less than half a billion dollars of federal funds

LAWLESSNESS AND CIVILIZATION: A prominent professor of psychology, as­ sociated with the University of California at Los Angeles, recently has set forth the thesis that “crime is a necessity” if civiliza­ tion is to survive. The world would revert to savagery, he maintains, if "there were no lawbreakers and all laws were obeyed.” The professor’s pronouncement comes on the heels of the publication of a widely advertised book by another professor—this one identified with a well-known Eastern university. The book argues that stealing is a “natural” and “normal” human activity. The glorification of lawlessness is what might be expected in the age fast closing in upon us. The theory of the nations of the world seems to be that lawbreaking is the road to progress and higher civilization. In their domestic policies, as well as abroad, the dictators apparently pursue a policy of disregarding common rights and common decencies. Confiscation of property with­ out compensation, imprisonments and even executions without a trial, malicious perse­ cution without cause other than the vic­ tim's class, color, creed, or race—all forms of crime and immorality have been elevated to the status of “state policy.” Thinking people will wonder whether prevailing lawlessness is not carrying our civilization back to savagery, rather than rescuing it from savagery, as the professor contends. It is small wonder that our crime wave rises ever higher, when the public prints are filled with accounts of men of learning who have put their intellects to the task of "making out a case” in favor of the practice of lawlessness.

ANTI-GOD FORCES CONVENE: On September 9, the organized anti-God forces of the world opened their “international congress" in London, England. Delegates from not less than thirty-six nations, in“FEDERALIZED” EDUCATION: T h e

FASCINATED BY THE WORD LEFT: Tuesday night Intercommu­ nity Bible Class . . . Meets in San Ga­ briel Union Church, Roy L. Laurin, Pastor . . . Taught by President Louis T. Talbot of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles . . . Between 150 and 200 persons come weekly to study the Book of Revelation . . . They find no other hook so up-to-date as the Bible . . . Have you proved this true in YOUR community? RIGHT: Biola students find oppor­ tunities for soul-winning among hoys and girls on streets and in parks. The children of YOUR community need the gospel too. Are you giving it?

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