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Inova Stands Tall at Compass Night of Stars Collaboration Surprisingly Revealed at Award Event

Inova System on the map by each winning a national award! David, FSD for Inova Fairfax, and Kristi, EVS RRM for the Inova System, had collaborated many times and knew each other well! Congrats to both the Morrison Account Director of the Year and Crothall Terry Batchelor Award winners! Stay tuned for our special Awards edition of Connected this November!

David Iannamico and Kristi Kelley , recently invited to attend Compass Night of Stars for Morrison and Crothall Healthcare respectively, attended the first reception expecting to know none of the winners...until CEO Bobby Kutteh had the 22 winners make introduc- tions around the room. That’s when David and Kristi realized that they had put

We asked colleagues around the country to enlighten us on these burning matters:

The View

Favorite horror character

Favorite part of autumn

What is your secret to great collaboration outside of work?

What was your favorite “iconic” childhood toy?

Worst Hallow- een treat ever!

If your life was a book, what would the title be?

Aric Alexander RRM Michigan, Crothall POM

Michael Myers

Changing tree color, AND cooler temperatures

Understanding where they are coming from and what is needed, and then see how we can work together. Great collaboration comes from great communication: don't be afraid to express how you feel! Constant communica- tion, with an open mind.

GI Joes..for sure!

A carrot!

“Work, Play, Sleep”

Lizzy Nixon Morrison Produc- tion Supervisor, Arkansas State Hospital Ahmod Glover AD, Mt. Sinai Beth Israel, New York, NY, Crothall EVS

Is Volde- mort considered a horror character?

Attending football games wrapped in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate.

I played with Barbies, however I

I understand the idea behind giving children raisins; as a child I was horrified!

“A Never Ending Story of Laundry; Why Do You Wear So Many Clothes?”

pretended they were zombies.

Chucky from “Child’s Play”

All the different colors of leaves.

GI Joe, “with the Kung Fu Grip!”

Candy corn.

“The Diary of a Wimpy Kid”

Marie Green Morrison Cook, Arkansas State Hospital

Michael Myers

The changing leaves and pumpkin cake!

Being friendly and lovely to friends and family

Easy Bake Oven Getting an apple instead of candy

“Family Is Everything!”

Douglas Hunt Biomedical Technician, Pleasant Valley Hospital, Point Pleasant, WV, Crothall HTS

Franken- stein

Weather getting colder!

Always be willing to help support others.

My bicycle

Popcorn ball

“There Is Always Tomorrow”

Samantha Bensberg


Changing of the leaves.

Having a diverse group of friends who can share different perspectives

Simon Says

An apple!


Morrison Financial Specialist, eFinance Champion, Sandy Springs, GA

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