Punta Espinoza (Fernandina Island)

Later that afternoon, we again piled into Zodiacs for an easy walk on Fernandina Island. It was here I took many of the trip’s best pictures as there was a lot of wildlife in front of magnificent backdrops. There were a fair number of sea lions, including several pairs of mothers with their babies both on shore and lounging in shallow pools. Marine iguanas swam back and forth, out to the depths to feed and then return to warm in the sun, often lounging in big piles of animals. A few slender racer snakes unsuccessfully hunted the baby iguanas, and we watched as two snakes were unsuccessfully hunted in turn--first by a Galapagos mockingbird, then by a Galapagos hawk that landed about fifteen yards away and then ran across the rocky ground. It was an excellent choice for a final excursion.

©Stephanie Scheffler

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