You will take the best nature photos of your life on this trip, though how you approach it is up to you. When animals have no fear of you, your cell phone camera is more than capable of professional-quality pictures. Landscapes, sunsets, and videos of action close by are all well within reach of your device. I was very happy to have a camera with a zoom lens, however. Most of the pictures accompanying this article were taken with a 10-year-old Sony 5000a mirrorless camera with a 210MM zoom lens. This is far from top-of-the-line equipment and only cost about $650 new, but being able to pick your shots from a distance will greatly increase the types and quality of wildlife pictures you can take. A bigger, more powerful lens and a camera better equipped to handle the movement of the Zodiac would reduced the reduced the number of shots that were either unfocused or had too few pixels to print on a larger canvas, but overall I was very happy with the pictures I took. I did not take any underwater pictures or video, but given the chance to do it again I would absolutely have invested in a GoPro or something similar for underwater shots. Guides and some of the other passengers took a lot of underwater video and there were definitely experiences that I wish I had captured.

©Stephanie Scheffler

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