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knowledge of the challenges and pain points faced by most practices. In coming editions, we’ll spotlight some of these team members, giving you a chance to get to know the talented individuals who make up our company. Mother Nature put our customer-first attitude to the test last year when Hurricane Irma collided with Florida. Despite the damage, many members of our team showed up the next day, only to find the UPS trucks we use to ship our products wouldn’t be coming that day. Undeterred, our team rented and drove a third-party truck, loading boxes and delivering our outbound products directly to the UPS shipping center. That’s what going the extra mile is all about. That means working with quality products you can trust. This is why we manufacture many of our products right here in the U.S. When we don’t make a product ourselves, we negotiate directly with quality suppliers to get you the best brands at the best price. As we move on to our next 25 years, we will carry forward the legacy of innovation and customer service that led you to Ortho Technology in the first place. Those are values to smile about. And we know our customers believe in doing the same for their patients.

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curating great products. This allows us to offer low prices without sacrificing the quality our customers have come to expect. In building our team, we wanted to ensure our representatives could answer any questions our clients had and ensure they always have your best interests at heart when you call. Making sure you understand the ins and outs of a product before you introduce it to your patients has always been a top priority to us. In fact, many of our representatives worked in orthodontic fields before we hired them, giving them a deep

Believe it or not, our company started in our founder’s garage over 25 years ago as a one-man operation. Our team and our facilities have grown a lot since then, allowing us to ship to over 90 countries! But at our core, Ortho Technology remains committed to the idea that made us successful from the start: creating value in every smile. We’ve learned that conventional standbys like large outside sales forces with fleets of company cars just don’t make sense in today’s world. Rather than pass those exorbitant expenses off to you, we’ve focused our growth where it counts: building a knowledgeable inside sales team and

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WHEN LIFE GIVES Y 4 Business Lessons From Young Entrepreneurs

he noticed that a friend’s house got more foot traffic than his did, the future tycoon moved his lemonade stand to the prime realty. Buffett obviously benefited from this innovation; the jury is still out on his friend.

Lemonade stands are rumored to have originated with New York journalist Edward Bok, who, as a kid growing up in Brooklyn, sold ice water on hot summer days to thirsty passersby. When other water salespeople tried to move in on Bok’s profit, he got creative by adding lemon juice and eventually sugar to the mix. The result of this innovation? Sales soared. Lemonade stands continue to be a popular summer pastime for burgeoning entrepreneurs, and there are a few things we can learn from these humble business endeavors. BE ADAPTABLE. Warren Buffet has had business on the brain since birth. During his childhood, when


When Ann Handley’s daughter and her friend opened up a lemonade stand, they found a way to connect with their demographic. The location of the stand was frequented by many French-speaking Canadian customers, and since the friend was born in Montreal and spoke French, the girls greeted each customer in English and French. More conversation makes more sales.

“I’ve never had problem with shipments, ever.”

“I can always reach someone when I need to order, and even if Irene is not available, everyone is knowledgeable and happy to help. Orders arrive in a timely fashion and are always correct.”

- June, Ordering Assistant

“My experience with Ortho Tech C.S. has been amazing! Better than any other company I have worked with!”

“We love our sales rep. She is always available when I call and always knows what I order. She knows when the sales are and reminds me so we can save money.”

- Darcy, Dental Assistant

- Orthodontist

“No matter who answers, I get great service, and your system keeps our products so everyone knows what I need! Thank you”

“I don’t deal with customer service often. Most products I order, we have been ordering for a long time, so we already know we love them.”

- Office Manager

- Lisa, Clinical Coordinator

“Shipments are well-timed and packed properly. Thank you for your accuracy on the shipments.”

“I’ve never had to personally call customer service because my rep usually does a great job of helping.”

- Giselle, Office Manager

“So many other companies have combined, and I lost the service I used to receive. Thanks for always being wonderful!”

- Bita, Ordering Assistant

- Taylor, Orthodontist Assistant

“I really like the convenience of the online ordering — easy to use and find what I’m looking for.”

“Henry is so nice. I always call and have a million questions, and he answers them all. Great service.”

- Lisa, Clinical Coordinator

- Mani, Clinical Coordinator

- Amy, Office Manager

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U LEMONS ... ASK FOR REFERRALS. Megan, kid entrepreneur and owner of “Dr. Megan’s Mad Mango Lemonade” in Louisiana, knows a thing or two about the value of word-of-mouth marketing. Megan makes sure customers have an easy time spreading the word about the refreshing lemonade. In her second summer running the stand, Megan says, “I advertised through Facebook and word of mouth. I created my own business page. I shared it with friends, family, and the community. ArkLaTex Horse Rescue advertised my stand, and I posted advertisements to many local Facebook groups as well.”

BUILD YOUR BUSINESS AROUND YOUR VALUES. Have you heard of anyone starting a million-dollar lemonade stand? There’s one person who has, and her name is Alex. She was diagnosed with cancer as a young girl, and her determined spirit motivated her to fight back. She started a lemonade stand to raise money for other kids with cancer. The message of the stand with a purpose spread, and Alex raised $2,000 in a single day. Sadly, Alex passed away when she was 8, but her legacy continues to thrive through her family, who turned Alex’s Lemonade Stand into a foundation. It’s raised over $127 million for cancer research. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT Lotus Plus DS ® Is Raising the Bar

clips. Both versions of Lotus Plus DS use flexible yet resilient tabs designed to reduce friction and withstand repeated openings. The interactive clip is designed for earlier archwire engagement and is resistant to deformation unlike standard C-clips. The passive version features a flat door with separate tabs for reduced archwire nicking and improved rotational control. Whether you’re using an interactive, passive, or hybrid system, the result is a headache-free experience for you and your patients. EASY PLACEMENT AND ACCESS With compound contoured tooth-specific bases and mushroom-shaped pylons, Lotus Plus DS provides a fast, accurate fit. You can easily position these brackets with a Hollenback instrument thanks to the design’s deep V-channel. The clips themselves can be opened and closed with a low amount of force, enhancing patient comfort. No special instruments are required. All in all, Lotus Plus DS is a unique SL system that successfully mitigates the drawbacks found in other models. We’re proud to carry

In today’s fast-paced world, patients want options that afford them comfort and mean less time in the chair. It’s no wonder self-ligating (SL) braces have become more and more popular in recent years; they offer flexibility to both you and your patients. But it’s important to note that not all bracket systems are created equal. Standard chromium cobalt C-clips are prone to deformation, and brackets with rigid doors can cause archwire nicking, leading to treatment complications and unhappy customers. The Lotus Plus Dual System DS circumvents these shortcomings through superior materials and innovative design. STYLE AND FUNCTION As one of the few self-ligating brackets to use thermal nickel titanium clips or doors, Lotus Plus DS is extremely durable while maintaining a discreet, comfortable profile. In fact, Lotus Plus DS brackets look more akin to regular twin brackets, not their bulkier competitors. But make no mistake, this is a fully functional SL system. FLEXIBILITY AND RESILIENCE The real strength of Lotus Plus DS comes from its unique passive and interactive

such an innovative product that is saving doctors time and delivering a comfortable experience to patients. If you’d like to learn more about Lotus Plus DS, visit:


1.800.999.3161 | 3


4614 Pet Lane Suite D-101 Lutz, FL 33559



INSIDE What We Value at Ortho Technology What You Can Learn From the Most Successful Lemonade Stands What Our Customers Are Saying! Flexible and Resilient: The Lotus Plus DS Safe Sailing This Hurricane Season PG1 PG2 PG2 PG3 PG4

Safe Sailing This Hurricane Season BOOK A CARIBBEAN CRUISE

FLEXIBILITY IS A MUST The flipside of this ability to dodge storms is the fact that your ship may not be able to stick to its original itinerary. You may have to anchor at an island you weren’t expecting to or miss out on seeing a port you were supposed to visit. If you have your heart set on seeing a specific location, cruise travel this time of year may not be for you. But if you are simply looking for a safe, affordable vacation to a beautiful region, then it doesn’t much matter which white-sanded beach you wake up to next. While unpredictable weather will always be a concern for any vacation, the safety and variety cruises offer make them great options for anyone looking for a Caribbean getaway before the holiday season. So if you have a flexible schedule and a healthy sense of adventure, it’s time to call your travel agent, pack your sunscreen and bathing suit, and head to paradise!

Cruise-ship travel is a fun and adventurous way to explore any time of year. After all, what could be more magical than a floating hotel room where you fall asleep in one country and wake up in another? This charming mobility is also what makes cruise travel the safest option for visiting the Caribbean and the coast of Mexico this time of year. SAFETY AND SAVINGS Much like resorts and airfare, cruise lines discount their Caribbean fares significantly during peak hurricane season, from August to October. However, unlike a traditional hotel, these massive ships have the luxury of navigating out of a storm’s path with ease. For all their ferocity, hurricanes move slowly across the Atlantic and have relatively predictable trajectories. Meanwhile, modern cruise ships carry the most sophisticated weather-tracking instruments, allowing them to bypass even small storms and inclement weather.

After last year’s devastating storm season, would-be tropical travelers are undoubtedly hesitant about purchasing those discounted plane tickets to the Caribbean Basin. No one wants to face a possible evacuation during their vacation — or worse, be forced to weather a hurricane at a beachfront resort. If you want the most bang for your buck while enjoying the turquoise waters of the Caribbean this fall, consider booking a cruise.

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