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June 2021


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The Schermer Family Takes a Trip to Gulf Shores


Summertime is often synonymous with two things: vacations and barbecuing (see Page 3 for my barbecue pro tips!). After sticking close to home last summer, many of us are ready to travel again. And though the vaccine is leading us in a positive direction, it’s understandable that many people still feel hesitant to hit

come up with a filter that helps account for driving with three teenagers and a dad who admittedly might like coffee a little too much. Let’s just say I saw most of the rest stops along the way! That was the first family joke of the trip. When I didn’t stop

less appealing, but the trip definitely helped us all recharge our batteries, decompress, and get back to the simple everyday pleasures of life. More than anything, the trip was a good reminder to me that there are some great places to visit that are just a drive away (even if the drive is a long one!). Having a change of scenery and a change of pace can really work wonders. I think we’ve all earned that after the last year and a half! And there are ways to travel that keep you in the driver’s seat — literally and figuratively — so you can make sure things are safe for you and your family. As happy as I was to finally take a trip and do some relaxing, I’m happy to be back in the office seeing patients again. It’s an exciting time here as we move offices, and I get to see some of my long-held dreams of the perfect office take shape. We can’t wait to see you in the new space soon — hopefully after you’ve also gotten some much- deserved R&R!

at a rest stop, one of my daughters would comment, “Dad, did you just miss one?!” We broke the drive up into two days, and it was fun to see some sights along the way. But we were happy to finally arrive on the second day and settle into the condo we had rented. Between driving to the destination and

The trip was a good reminder to me that there are some great places to visit that are just a drive away.

the road. That’s why I wanted to share the story of my family’s recent vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama. My oldest daughter really wanted to spend the final spring break of her high school

career on a beach in the sun. And I knew my whole family could use a little change of scenery as well. We made a rule that we’d find somewhere to go that met her beach criteria and that didn’t require us to get on an airplane. That’s how we settled on taking a 15-hour road trip to Gulf Shores. If you were to plan the same trip, Google Maps might tell you it can be done in less time, but I really think they need to

renting a condo that allowed us to cook for ourselves, clean, do our own laundry, we all felt very safe. I think that’s called vacationing pandemic style! We spent a lot of time at the beach. We’d mask up on our way there, and then enjoy the sand and waves in our little family beach bubble. I think my daughter was a little disappointed that it wasn’t summertime hot on the beach, which made swimming a little

-Dr. Jason Schermer



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Here at Exceptional Smiles at Landerbrook, we have the best patients. Every five-star review we receive on Facebook or Google Reviews means a lot to us because it tells us we are providing the exceptional service we strive to give every one of our patients. If you want to share the love and let your friends or family know about our services, we want to say thank you with a $25 credit on your account for each new patient you refer. Referring a family? We’ll bump the credit to $50! As Dr. Schermer mentioned in last month’s newsletter, we’re moving into a larger office (same building, same floor, same convenient location for you), which means we’ll be able to serve even more patients. Who better to add to our dental family than the friends, family members, and colleagues of our wonderful existing patients? And we want to make sure you’re rewarded for the folks you send our way. Earning the friends credit is simple. We’ll ask new patients who call to schedule an appointment how they heard about us. Just tell them to mention your name. Once we see them for their first dental visit, we’ll apply the credit to your account. HowWe’re Saying Thank You for New Patient Referrals

If you have any questions about our new referral program, ask the next time you’re in the office, or give us a call at 440-483-1003.


“The whole team at Exceptional Smiles is awesome! Liz, Taylor, and Dr. Andrea are the best and I would recommend them to anyone. They offer some of the highest tech equipment and have one of the cleanest offices. Been going to them for years now and happy it’s not a dread going to the dentist!” -Samuel A.


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With the vaccine in full swing, a backyard barbecue is the perfect way to welcome summer and safely gather with family and friends this month. There are some absolute grilling staples like burgers (even plant-based options like the Beyond Burger taste like summer when cooked on the grill) and hot dogs. But if you want to bring your cookout to the next level, try these two tips from Dr. Schermer. A Kernel of Knowledge Grilled vegetables are the perfect healthy side for burgers and brats, but one in particular really shines in the summertime: corn on the cob. Born and bred in Iowa, Dr. Schermer knows a thing or two about what makes for a perfect ear of sweet and crunchy corn. Rule No. 1 is to go to the source. Growing up, Dr. Schermer and his family would pick corn right out of the field. You can’t get any fresher than that! While you may not be able to pick corn off the stalk, you’ll get the freshest ears by buying from your local farmers during peak season.

Wherever you buy from, resist the temptation to peel back the leaves to look at the kernels. Dr. Schermer says corn is like a birthday present: It’s best not to open it until it’s time to cook it. A final pro tip: When it comes to corn, bigger isn’t better. The smaller the kernels, the better the corn. A Tradition ‘Handed’ Down June is National Ice Cream Month, so there’s no better way to finish a great meal off the grill than with some homemade ice cream. For Dr. Schermer, that means putting in a little sweat equity. Old-school, hand-crank ice cream makers are a fun way to get the whole family involved in making a sweet and creamy creation tailored to your taste. A hand-cranked ice cream maker, some rock salt and ice, and a little elbow grease are all you need to get started.

bowls and spoons and set out toppings for each person to make a custom sundae. Try delicious toppings like caramel or hot fudge or nutritious toppings like berries, bananas, or stone fruit. And don’t forget the whipped cream! (Maybe give your arms a rest and use a hand-held mixer or buy premade.)

An ice cream sundae bar is a fun way to reward everyone for their churning efforts. Grab some

Happy summer!

Iced Green Tea, 2 Ways


Ingredients •

2 tbsp loose-leaf green tea 4 cups filtered water, divided

Option 2: Ginger Mint •

“Singing in the shower is fun until you get soap in your mouth. Then it’s a soap opera.”

1 handful fresh mint leaves

Option 1: Rose and Coriander • 1 tbsp dried rose petals •

1 inch fresh ginger, cut into coins

1 tbsp whole coriander seeds

Directions For Rose and Coriander Tea: 1. In a large pitcher, place green tea, rose petals, and coriander seeds. 2. Bring 1/2 cup water to just below boiling. 3. Pour hot water over tea leaves, petals, and seeds. Let steep for 10 seconds, then add the remaining 3 1/2 cups water. 4. Refrigerate 4–8 hours until tea reaches your desired strength. Strain and serve over ice. For Ginger Mint Tea: Follow the instructions above, substituting the mint leaves and ginger coins for the rose petals and coriander seeds. Inspired by 101Cookbooks.com

If you would like your favorite joke featured, email Office@ExceptionalSmiles.com . You may see it in our next issue!





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Iced Green Tea, 2 Ways

Summer Lawn Games

The warm summer sun may be enough to beckon your family outdoors, but lawn games will guarantee hours of fun outside. If you’re handy, there are plenty of great lawn games you can make yourself. If not, buy an off-the-shelf alternative and enjoy the easy setup. Giant Jenga: Easy DIY All you need to build a giant Jenga tower are two-by-fours that are cut to length. If you’re handy with a saw, you can do this at home. If not, ask to have the wood cut at your local lumberyard. Be sure to sand down the edges before stacking the boards to create a classic Jenga tower! For extra fun, pick a few paint colors and paint each board. Visit ABeautifulMess.com/make-this-giant-jenga to see a complete set of instructions. LAWN GAMES FOR FAMILY SUMMER FUN DIY OR BUY?

Cornhole: Advanced DIY The humble beanbag may be the most versatile backyard game piece. It’s used in the popular game commonly known as cornhole. To build your own cornhole set, you’ll need a couple of sheets of 1/2-inch-thick plywood along with two-by-fours, some hardware, and a variety of tools including a drill, jigsaw, and sander. Visit DIYPete.com/cornhole-board-plans to get both written and video instructions. Buy: Ready to play ASAP? Cornhole sets are available from many large retailers around summertime, or you can order a customized set featuring your favorite team, family name, or characters from your favorite movies by looking at Etsy.com.

Buy: Skip the project and buy GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower online, which retails for about $70 and stacks over 5 feet high.

Classic Horseshoes: Intermediate DIY Tossing horseshoes is a great way to pass an afternoon. To play, you’ll just need to set up two sand pits in your yard. Get a handful of horseshoes, and you’re ready to go! Many DIY plans are available online, including one from HousefulOfHandmade.com/ultimate-diy-horseshoe-pit. Buy: Check out the kid-friendly rubber horseshoe set fromWayfair.com, which requires no installation, can be used indoors or alongside your outdoor game, and is safe for younger children.

Whether you buy or DIY, remember to have fun and always supervise your children while playing outdoors, especially when it comes to yard games!


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