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Vol. 2, Iss. 1


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The New Year, New Hope will lead the way for Jaybird Senior Living as we usher in 2021…

As we bid farewell to a challenging and sobering 2020, we are reminded of the value and virtue of remaining ‘hopeful.’ Reflecting on this past year, we learned about kindness, resilience, and selflessness. We learned just how vulnerable all of life is, and just how precious hugs and touch are to the human spirit. We also learned the importance of lifting each other up and creating new ways to share in this fight together. It’s been a year that will leave a remarkable imprint for years to come. Yet, we are moving forward with hope and optimism that 2021 will continue to bear good news, and we want to help create that good news. Now as Jaybird Senior Living launches into the New Year, we also begin with a thankful heart that so many of our seniors, their families and our teammembers have found hope and peace of mind with the promise of a new tomorrow. With Operation Warp Speed and the vaccine now on our doorstep, we remain diligent and committed to ensure a coordinated and safe approach in providing the vaccine to each and everyone within our communities. As mentioned before, and worth mentioning again, every step closer to ‘normal’ is just what hope realized is all about. For that reason, A New Year, New Hope has become the adage of Jaybird Senior Living. Like our ‘Dare to Dream’ signature program that fulfills the lifelong dreams of our residents, the Jaybird Team seeks to celebrate and welcome 2021 in hopeful fashion. We are excited to turn this corner and deliver on our promise to provide exceptional care in an extraordinary environment.


To end here, let me share a word of wisdom, grace and positivity that will inspire all of us to have our best year yet (and I believe this sums it up perfectly).



” -T.S. Elliott



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Sharing notable people, events, and accomplishments from across the Midwest.

A Little Birdie Told Us...

Bridget Phillips, RN, Community Director at Milestone Senior Living, celebrated 10 years of service in Hillsboro, Wisconsin.

To date, The Lakeside Village has had 13 CNAs, 2 Advanced CNA, 6 ServSafe, and 2 Dementia Live! trainer graduates through Future Ready Iowa grant funding, with many more still in process.

Monique Gazdik achieved 12 years of service as the Community Director at Ramsey Woods, located in Cudahy, Wisconsin.

Lyla Erwin, Senior Portfolio Leader and Community Director at Garnett Place, was recognized for 13 years of service with JSL.

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BARBRA, RESIDENT Edenc rest at The Legacy


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COM The Preserve of Rosev

The Preserve of Roseville is only minutes fromwell- known Lake Owasso, Lake Phalen, Lake Josephine, and Lake Johanna. This 102 apartment independent living, assisted living, and memory care complex was opened in May of 2020 and is nestled next to 52-acres of the Harriett Alexander Wildlife Nature Preserve, offering residents superior views from every vantage. 612-440-2977 2600 DALE STREET NORTH ROSEVILLE, MN 55113 WWW.THEPRESERVEMN.COM

When plans were initially drafted for the construction of The Preserve of Roseville, an idyllic senior living property overlooking the epitome of Minnesota’s natural beauty, the impacts of a global pandemic were far from imaginable. Flash forward to the groundbreaking, framing, informational meetings, and concrete pouring. Even then, a public health crisis was far from reality. As the finishing touches came together on this three- story Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care complex, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic crept into light. In early March of 2020, state-wide shutdowns began with strict limits on gatherings and social distancing measures, travel restrictions, and mask mandates put in place. To abide by the new guidelines, staff prepared for the day they would welcome residents into their brand new home, by completing all necessary pre-opening training in the building’s underground parking structure. Despite the chilly conditions, the team



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the unprecedented environment. Their new apartments came equipped with upscale furnishings including granite countertops, hardwood-style flooring, dishwashers, and quartz backsplashes. While these fixtures and appliances made their new apartments feel comfortable, it was the kind words and red carpet hospitality provided by the dedicated teammembers that made it feel like home. “Opening an assisted living community is always a juggling act. Learning the ins and outs of the building, training new staff, getting to know many new residents all at the same time. On top of that there is a worldwide pandemic. Somedays it felt like we’d never find our rhythm with the daily changes to protocol. The Seniors First safety program along with new policies and procedures set forth by Jaybird Senior Living provided tremendous peace of mind for our team members and residents.,” beamed Sam Patterson, Director of Operations for Jaybird Senior Living. Recently, The Preserve of Roseville welcomed Karla Reiser, an experienced leader in the senior living industry, as Community Director. “Our entire team has the same goal: Be the very best choice

remained dedicated to making The Preserve of Roseville a destination in the midst of uncertainty. “Opening a building during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging, of course. But we had the advantage of a clean new building. We all agree this has been the hardest thing we have ever done and no previous experience could have fully prepared us for the events of 2020, but seeing our residents thrive has been immeasurably rewarding,” shared Jeramy Cain, Community Relations Coordinator at The Preserve of Roseville. Jeramy, whose primary role with the Community is working directly with potential residents and their advocates, was unwavering in his confidence that The Preserve of Roseville would be an immediate success, despite the public health crisis. “There were more than a few red carpets rolled out. Hanging a picture or two, became moving residents in, moving furniture, assembling tables and chairs. After all, families could not visit/assist as they normally would. Going above and beyond wasn’t an additional feature; it was just what we did.” The Community would open on May 4th and welcome a host of residents whose enthusiasm never waned despite Independent Living Assisted Living

for seniors due to our responsiveness, hospitality, reputation, and dedication to being exactly what our residents need,” said Karla. “By putting our residents first, I have no doubt The Preserve will meet and exceed any goal we set.” While the world distanced themselves from others, taking refuge in their homes away from anyone but immediate family members, the residents at The Preserve of Roseville were able to interact safely with others far from the negative impacts of isolation. These foundational residents enjoyed stunning balcony views overlooking the wildlife nature preserve, programming designed and executed by a dedicated Life Enrichment Coordinator, and on-site accommodations in the Community’s beauty and barber salon, fitness center, library, chapel, movie theater, café, and outdoor terrace. At a time when so much was uncertain, the teammembers and residents at The Preserve of Roseville found comfort and normalcy in a new, but warm, environment. The last eight months were an opportunity to bond with others, grow their interests and see what a blessing this Community could be in their lives, and for those who love them.

Below: 1-Bedroom Apartment Living Room

Memory Care Respite Care


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With every rose Darlene completed, a sparkle became more apparent in her eyes.



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The Hostess

Plans Again Darlene has spent the majority of her life as a devoted wife, mother and community member, hostessing many dinners and parties through the years. Since moving to Prairie Meadows Later, Darlene joined Tiffany, Life Enrichment Coordinator, and together they set the special table for the

monthly dinner. As the residents filed into the community room, Darlene was in her element pouring coffee and other beverages, and later presenting the requested menu of biscuits and gravy for her guests. At the end of the meal, Darlene passed out the banana coffee cake which received rave reviews from everyone. The night was a hit! When the event was over and everything cleaned up, Darlene turned to Tiffany and said, “Thank you so much for making this day happen. It meant so much to me that I could help put on this event.” There is great joy in making even a seemingly simple dream become a reality. Darlene dreamed of still being able to put together and host an event and Prairie Meadows Senior Living ensured this could happen for her. Darlene is looking forward to the day when COVID-19 precautions are lifted so that she can regularly act as Prairie Meadows’s esteemed hostess once again.

Senior Living in Kasson, Minn., she has appreciated the opportunities she’s been given to assist with many socials and happy hours in the community. As much as she enjoyed this, it was apparent she would love to get more involved in the planning and carrying out of special events. With the help of Jill, Culinary Coordinator, the Prairie Meadows team was able to help Darlene fulfil her dream to keep entertaining… and in a big way! Each month, the gentlemen at the Community gather for a special meal. On the morning of this event, Darlene joined Jill in the kitchen, dressed in full chef attire, to make a fabulous banana coffee cake from scratch. As the coffee cake was baking, they folded napkins in the shape of roses and planned the table setting for later in the day. With every rose Darlene completed, a sparkle became more apparent in her eyes. The smell of the cake baking reminded Darlene of when she used to cook and host gatherings in her home.


Being a part of the Jaybird Senior Living family of communities means embracing a very special set of values. One of these values is ensuring that our team members get to know each and every one of our residents not only in regards to their care but also as a unique and vibrant person.

Our goal is to make at least one resident dream come true each month in every one of our senior living communities. These dreams can range frommodest to elaborate based on the unique experiences and backstories of each individual resident. To date, we’ve made over 1,000 dreams come true.


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NAME: Taylor Bakker, RN, BSN ROLE: Clinical Care Specialist

NAME: Tiffany Traut, RN

NAME: Julie Maruska

ROLE: Clinical Care Specialist

ROLE: Sales & Marketing Specialist SPECIALTIES: Networking Process Design

SPECIALTIES: Communication Quality Assurance

SPECIALTIES: Communication Leadership

ABOUT: Taylor began her career in healthcare as a CNA at the age of 16. She has since worked as a nurse in emergency services, public health, education and senior living. Taylor is dedicated to providing compassionate mentorship to Community staff. She enjoys golfing, and being with loved ones.

ABOUT: Tiffany has a Masters in Business and Leadership Nursing with a Quality Care Management Certificate, in addition to 10 years of nursing

ABOUT: Julie brings over 13 years of experience in senior care and has held a variety of leadership roles in that time. She is passionate about quality care, education, and helping families. In her free time, Julie enjoys camping and spending time on the lake with her family.

and management experience. She enjoys sports,

camping, tarveling, and spending time with her family and friends in her free time.


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Written by Labinot Avdiu, PharmD, F.A.C.A, Chief Executive Officer, Medication Management Partners

Shared Passion for Positive Impacts

The common thread that I have observed among successful providers in senior living is their passion for making a positive impact on the lives of residents. From the start of our partnership with Jaybird Senior Living (JSL) and having gotten to know the leadership starting with Kevin Russell, Chairman, it was evident that our mutual organizations shared this same passion. It is a delicate balance that we, as providers of senior living services, are striving to achieve between promoting and extending the independence of each resident and having the necessary services available to meet their needs, as the natural progression of aging over time limits their abilities to be fully independent. There are many factors that make senior living very exciting to be a part of. These factors include the ongoing evolution of the meaning of aging and aging-in-place, the evolving consumer demands, a better scientific understanding of the aging process itself, and the continued innovation in therapies, treatments, and technology. JSL and Medication Management Partners (MMP) share a commitment to innovation and continuously improving the experience for seniors. Our mission at MMP is to improve quality of life for and simplify pharmacy for seniors and their caregivers. To

that end, while COVID-19 has created many unanticipated challenges and uncertainties in every aspect of daily life, our team rallied from day one, and has been steadfast through the first two waves of this pandemic, the social unrest during the summer, and now in the third wave that we are all experiencing now. We immediately implemented steps recommended by the CDC to isolate and mitigate the spread of the virus. Our Partner Success Team, which provides on-site support to the JSL communities, immediately implemented virtual capabilities to support the residents and caregivers remotely. This dedicated team is in regular communication with JSL’s leadership and on-site staff to make necessary adjustments to accommodate their internal policies to limit the exposure of COVID-19 to residents and caregivers. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we have adequate inventories on hand to prevent any critical shortages, and we work closely with physicians and insurance companies to obtain all necessary approvals and authorizations to prevent therapy interruptions for JSL residents. Through our suppliers and vendors, we have access to PPE and testing supplies that JSL communities can rely on.

MMP conducted influenza vaccination clinics to reduce the risk of flu, and we are prepared and working with our suppliers, and the community staff, to support the COVID-19 vaccination efforts as the vaccines become available to be distributed during Phase 1 and beyond. For example, staff and family education will be critical to achieve the necessary adoption rate of 70%+, which is necessary to achieve herd immunity, so we are providing educational webinars and material to residents and caregivers of JSL communities. I would like to acknowledge and thank all the caregivers, nurses, hospice providers, rehab providers, home care providers, physicians, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians who have answered the call during this difficult and uncertain time to care for our seniors living at Jaybird Senior Living communities, as well as in other settings. The challenges continue to be monumental, and I am confident that united we will continue making a positive impact in the lives of residents, family members, and local communities.


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Resilience Defined Written by Sarah Searles, Portfolio Leader

Anyone who has consumed a Snapple beverage in the last several years is aware that a “fact” is printed on the inside of the bottle’s lid. In 2002, the manufacturers of Snapple products began printing messages inside of their bottle tops to engage their customers. Some are facts; others are just for fun. While interesting conversation starters, given that the last Snapple “fact” I encountered was “fish cough”, I usually don’t expect my food to provide me with solid life advice. That is until a meal of Chinese food changed my outlook. I cracked open the fortune cookie that accompanied my meal, expecting to find a generic message and my lucky numbers printed on the tiny piece of paper inside. What I found instead, made me stop in my tracks: mind blown. In small blue letters, it read, “Courage is the mastery of fear-not the absence of fear.” I began to think about all we’ve encountered in 2020. To say that fear has played a large part of our daily existence is an understatement. Those on the front line of the battle against COVID-19 in our communities have had to face their fears head-on while still providing the necessary, compassionate care for our seniors, reassuring them and their loved ones that we will get through this. And as COVID-19’s unrelenting path of destruction has continued to touch every aspect of life, we’ve also had to face the fear of the unknown in our personal lives.

Frommask mandates to homeschooling, many of us have asked without really expecting an answer, “What’s next?” Without question, the courage demonstrated by our teammembers has been immeasurable. Instead of allowing fear to paralyze them, they have made the conscious decision to channel their fear into meaningful action. What sets them apart? Here’s what I’ve found: A Positive Mindset Acknowledging fear is healthy and necessary. However, choosing your mindset and how you respond in any given situation not only builds resilience and self-awareness, it ensures that you consistently react to stressful and non-stressful situations with a positive approach. Before you start your day, re-focus your energy on finding the positives in what you are about to do. As with any skill worth having, this takes practice! But the pay-off is immeasurable. A Passion for Helping Others Remembering our “why” is only as good as the action that results from the thought. Becoming consumed by the day-to-day tasks we encounter often overshadows the fact that we are in a people-driven, people-centered business. I challenge you: the next time you interact with a co-worker, a senior, or a family member, ask yourself, “What does this person need right now that I can do for them?” The answer may surprise you. But, I guarantee that if

you act on it, the energy you receive as a result will fuel your soul and motivate you to keep going. This way of thinking is at the heart of Jaybird Senior Living’s mission to demonstrate exemplary red carpet service in all we do. This kind of hospitality can only be shown through genuine empathy in action. A Focus on Self-Care They set goals for achievement, no matter how small they may seem at the time, and revisit them regularly. They learn frommistakes. They find healthy distractions. But most importantly, they ask for help. Being transparent about fear is not a weakness and it is essential to admit when fear has started to interfere with daily life. Reaching out to a co-worker, a mentor, a loved one, or an employee assistance program for support is an essential part of maintaining one’s overall wellbeing. As for me, I taped that little piece of paper to my laptop so that each day I am reminded to have courage, to not allow my fears control my actions, and to keep a positive mindset. With a COVID-19 vaccine all of our Communities on the horizon, I am filled with optimism but also tremendous gratitude for our team members, our families, and our residents who have demonstrated so much tenacity and perseverance during this unprecedented time in our history. We’re going to get through this together. That’s a fact I don’t need a fortune cookie to predict.


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It’s often the seemingly smallest acts of kindness that make the biggest impact.

Red Carpet Moments

AMANDA, DIRECTOR The Lakes i de V i l l age



Kee l son Ha r bou r

After struggling to get applicants for key frontline positions this year, Amanda Creen, Community Director at The Lakeside Village in Panora, Iowa, made lemons from lemonade when she applied for Future Ready Iowa Earn & Learn and Employer Innovation grants. Her efforts paid off and the Community was awarded over $245K to assist with staff programming, employee compensation, training space updates, and educational materials procurement, to name a few. Since putting those funds to good use, The Lakeside Village’s caregivers have all taken CNA and Advanced CNA courses, there have been nine culinary staff members ServSafe trained, and five employees have signed up for Assisted Living Manager certification. With these funds, Amanda has strategically injected new life into her program, in addition to structuring future career paths in the senior living industry. Bravo, Amanda! Keep up the great work!

Jennifer has been a true example of teamwork and dedication to her residents in a time when COVID-19 impacted Keelson Harbour in Spirit Lake, Iowa. While other teammembers were unable to work due to mandatory quarantine, she did not hesitate to step up and fill in extra shifts, ensuring her residents continued to receive red carpet service and the highest quality care. She has kept a smile and positive attitude each and every day which not only been a benefitted Keelson Harbour residents, but each teammember she interacted with daily. Despite COVID- 19’s impact, her coworkers in every department look forward to each day knowing Jennifer will be there beside them caring for residents. Jennifer establishes a connection with each resident she cares for and it is evident that they look forward to seeing her each day as well. We appreciate your dedication, Jennifer!

The team at Keelson Harbour are also grateful to have Terri on their team! Terri is a housekeeper but works as a Resident Assistant nearly every week as well. During a recent wave of COVID-19 cases, Terri gladly took on additional responsibilities, donning her PPE each day to assist the healthcare team in providing exemplary service to Keelson Harbour’s residents. She jumped right in to assist with cares and anything else needed in addition to her housekeeping and infection control responsibilities. It is teammembers like Terri and the selflessness demonstrated during the most difficult moments that make Jaybird Senior Living communities the premier choice for residents and employees alike. Your team and your residents aer so grateful and happy to have you at Keelson Harbour, Terri!


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