The Nest | Vol. 2, Iss. 1

Resilience Defined Written by Sarah Searles, Portfolio Leader

Anyone who has consumed a Snapple beverage in the last several years is aware that a “fact” is printed on the inside of the bottle’s lid. In 2002, the manufacturers of Snapple products began printing messages inside of their bottle tops to engage their customers. Some are facts; others are just for fun. While interesting conversation starters, given that the last Snapple “fact” I encountered was “fish cough”, I usually don’t expect my food to provide me with solid life advice. That is until a meal of Chinese food changed my outlook. I cracked open the fortune cookie that accompanied my meal, expecting to find a generic message and my lucky numbers printed on the tiny piece of paper inside. What I found instead, made me stop in my tracks: mind blown. In small blue letters, it read, “Courage is the mastery of fear-not the absence of fear.” I began to think about all we’ve encountered in 2020. To say that fear has played a large part of our daily existence is an understatement. Those on the front line of the battle against COVID-19 in our communities have had to face their fears head-on while still providing the necessary, compassionate care for our seniors, reassuring them and their loved ones that we will get through this. And as COVID-19’s unrelenting path of destruction has continued to touch every aspect of life, we’ve also had to face the fear of the unknown in our personal lives.

Frommask mandates to homeschooling, many of us have asked without really expecting an answer, “What’s next?” Without question, the courage demonstrated by our teammembers has been immeasurable. Instead of allowing fear to paralyze them, they have made the conscious decision to channel their fear into meaningful action. What sets them apart? Here’s what I’ve found: A Positive Mindset Acknowledging fear is healthy and necessary. However, choosing your mindset and how you respond in any given situation not only builds resilience and self-awareness, it ensures that you consistently react to stressful and non-stressful situations with a positive approach. Before you start your day, re-focus your energy on finding the positives in what you are about to do. As with any skill worth having, this takes practice! But the pay-off is immeasurable. A Passion for Helping Others Remembering our “why” is only as good as the action that results from the thought. Becoming consumed by the day-to-day tasks we encounter often overshadows the fact that we are in a people-driven, people-centered business. I challenge you: the next time you interact with a co-worker, a senior, or a family member, ask yourself, “What does this person need right now that I can do for them?” The answer may surprise you. But, I guarantee that if

you act on it, the energy you receive as a result will fuel your soul and motivate you to keep going. This way of thinking is at the heart of Jaybird Senior Living’s mission to demonstrate exemplary red carpet service in all we do. This kind of hospitality can only be shown through genuine empathy in action. A Focus on Self-Care They set goals for achievement, no matter how small they may seem at the time, and revisit them regularly. They learn frommistakes. They find healthy distractions. But most importantly, they ask for help. Being transparent about fear is not a weakness and it is essential to admit when fear has started to interfere with daily life. Reaching out to a co-worker, a mentor, a loved one, or an employee assistance program for support is an essential part of maintaining one’s overall wellbeing. As for me, I taped that little piece of paper to my laptop so that each day I am reminded to have courage, to not allow my fears control my actions, and to keep a positive mindset. With a COVID-19 vaccine all of our Communities on the horizon, I am filled with optimism but also tremendous gratitude for our team members, our families, and our residents who have demonstrated so much tenacity and perseverance during this unprecedented time in our history. We’re going to get through this together. That’s a fact I don’t need a fortune cookie to predict.


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