The Nest | Vol. 2, Iss. 1

The Hostess

Plans Again Darlene has spent the majority of her life as a devoted wife, mother and community member, hostessing many dinners and parties through the years. Since moving to Prairie Meadows Later, Darlene joined Tiffany, Life Enrichment Coordinator, and together they set the special table for the

monthly dinner. As the residents filed into the community room, Darlene was in her element pouring coffee and other beverages, and later presenting the requested menu of biscuits and gravy for her guests. At the end of the meal, Darlene passed out the banana coffee cake which received rave reviews from everyone. The night was a hit! When the event was over and everything cleaned up, Darlene turned to Tiffany and said, “Thank you so much for making this day happen. It meant so much to me that I could help put on this event.” There is great joy in making even a seemingly simple dream become a reality. Darlene dreamed of still being able to put together and host an event and Prairie Meadows Senior Living ensured this could happen for her. Darlene is looking forward to the day when COVID-19 precautions are lifted so that she can regularly act as Prairie Meadows’s esteemed hostess once again.

Senior Living in Kasson, Minn., she has appreciated the opportunities she’s been given to assist with many socials and happy hours in the community. As much as she enjoyed this, it was apparent she would love to get more involved in the planning and carrying out of special events. With the help of Jill, Culinary Coordinator, the Prairie Meadows team was able to help Darlene fulfil her dream to keep entertaining… and in a big way! Each month, the gentlemen at the Community gather for a special meal. On the morning of this event, Darlene joined Jill in the kitchen, dressed in full chef attire, to make a fabulous banana coffee cake from scratch. As the coffee cake was baking, they folded napkins in the shape of roses and planned the table setting for later in the day. With every rose Darlene completed, a sparkle became more apparent in her eyes. The smell of the cake baking reminded Darlene of when she used to cook and host gatherings in her home.


Being a part of the Jaybird Senior Living family of communities means embracing a very special set of values. One of these values is ensuring that our team members get to know each and every one of our residents not only in regards to their care but also as a unique and vibrant person.

Our goal is to make at least one resident dream come true each month in every one of our senior living communities. These dreams can range frommodest to elaborate based on the unique experiences and backstories of each individual resident. To date, we’ve made over 1,000 dreams come true.


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