MAGALOG21 (2021)


SPRING BREAKWEEKS BELIZE: Placencia Resort & Belize Underwater, March 27th - April 3rd or April 10th -17th BELIZE: Thatch Caye Resort, (Fly Fishing and diving) April 10th -17th SUMMERWEEKS BONAIRE: Buddy Dive Resort: June 12th-19th ROATAN: Turquoise Bay Beach Resort: June 12th- 19th, Diving or Fly Fishing family dive vacation. INDONESIA: KOMODO— FOCUS: On the Arenui: June 16th- 25th, July 7th-16th and July17-Jul7 26th ROATAN: Mayan Princess: June 19th-26th TURKS & CAICOS: On the Turks & Caicos Explorer II Liveaboard, June 26th - July 3rd PALAU: Sam’s Tours, and Palau Pacific or Palau Royal; June 22nd -July 2nd CAYMAN BRAC: Cayman Brac Beach Resort, July 3rd - 10th, (Full resort charter) GALAPAGOS: Tiburon Explorer, July 3rd - 10th PHILIPPINES: Cabilao July 3rd -8th & Dauin July 8th- 15th, July 15-20 Amun in i with Sea Explorers. BONAIRE: Buddy Dive Resort: July 10th - 17th or 17 to July 24th (Dive Master training) ST. LUCIA: Anse Chastanet, July 24th to July 31st or July 31st to August 7th (Dive Master training) BELIZE: Placencia Resort, August 8th - 15th

KOMODO— SUMBAWA: T he Arenui: 9 nights June 24th – July 3rd CAYMAN ISLANDS: Cayman Brac Beach Resort: July 2nd- 9th PALAU: Sam’s Tours, and Palau Pacific or Palau Royal; July 5th - 15th ROATAN: Mayan Princess: JULY 9th-16th ST. LUCIA: Anse Chastanet, J uly 16th - July 23rd or July 23rd - July 30th (Dive Master training) THANKSGIVING Bonaire: Buddy Dive Resort, November 19th -26th EMPTY NESTER: Africa & the Seychelles: TBA, October CHRISTMAS & NEWYEARS’ EVE GREATER RAJA AMPAT and SORONG, The Arenui: Dec, 22nd, 2022 – Jan 4th, 2023 2023 SPRING BREAKWEEKS ROATAN: Turquoise Bay Resort, March 18th-25th ROATAN: Mayan Princess Resort, March 25th-April 1st

GRAND CAYMAN: Cobalt Coast Dive Resort with Reef Divers. April 8th-15th SUMMERWEEKS PHILIPPINES with Sea Explorers Cabilao: June 13th- 18th, Dauin: June 18th - 24th, Amun ini: June 24th - 28th PALAU: Sam’s Tours, and Palau Pacific or Palau Royal ; July 1st -10th ALOR—Indonesia: On the Arenui : 7 nights August 3rd -10th & 11 nights and August 12th - 23rd, ROATAN: Turquoise Bay Resort, August 12th-19th ROATAN: Mayan Princess Resort, August 19th-26th THANKSGIVING LITTLE CAYMAN: Little Cayman Beach Resort, November 18th-25th GREATER RAJA AMPAT The Arenui: November 15th - 24th 2025 Forgotten Islands: Arenui, APRIL 9TH -APRIL 17TH PLEASE NOTE: SOME DATES COULD CHANGE DUE TOWEATHER OR ALL KINDS OF CONDITIONS BEYOND OUR CONTROL.

EMPTY NESTER INDONESIA: LEMBEH: October 12th - 20th EMPTY NESTER: MALDIVES- EMPEROR EXPLORER: October 24th - 31st THANKSGIVING FIJI: Jean-Michel Cousteau , Thanksgiving week, November 20th - 27th 2022 SPRING BREAKWEEKS ROATAN: Mayan Princess: March 12th-19th Turquoise Bay: March 19th- 26th CAYMAN BRAC: Beach Resort with Reef Divers. March 26th -April 2nd LITTLE CAYMAN: Beach Resort with Reef Divers. April 2nd - 9th DOMINICA: Fort Young Hotel: April 9th-16th or April 16th-23rd SUMMERWEEKS ROATAN: Turquoise Bay Beach Resort: June 11th- 18th, Diving or Fly Fishing. PHILIPPINES with Sea Explorers, Amun ini: June 13th to 17th Dauin: June 17th to 23rd Cabilao: June 23rd to 28th BONAIRE: Buddy Dive Resort: June 18th - June 25th or June 25th - July 2nd (Dive Master training) 803-419-2556 email:

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