MAGALOG21 (2021)

KIDS SEA CAMP IS MORE THANDIVING We have the best surface intervals on the planet



BASKETBALL Tom, being from the Midwest, has been shooting hoops since he was a kid, and it’s almost a religion for him. If there’s a court around, he will get a pick-up game going. It does not matter the country or the language —Tom connects the world through basketball. THE KSC TURKEY BOWL 2021 will be the 11th year of The KSC Turkey Cup/Bowl in Jean Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji, we switch from football to a soccer game. We always compete onThanksgiving Day, and in Buddy Dive we played in the Bonaire soccer

stadium, complete with officials, a commissioner and team shirts for all. TOM’S PASSION & PEACE Sometime during the week, you will findTom has gone fishing — his place for peace; his passion is fly-fishing.There is always an open invitation for anyone to join, from beginner to expert.Tom always brings a second rod. (Catch and release only.) MUSIC, POETRY, SINGING Tom is a singer, songwriter and

Tom is the land and Margo the sea. Families have travelled with Margo because of her love of the ocean and diving. However, over the years,Tom Peyton has enhanced the beyond-diving part of Kids Sea Camp, creating more fun for families who have

other passions too. VOLLEYBALL

Tom gets the games rolling in the afternoons either on the beach or in the pool.The most popular game is parents vs. kids. 803-419-2556 email:

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