MAGALOG21 (2021)


How do we start again? Can we simply dive into 2021 without mentioning the losses, frustrations and overall sadness experienced in 2020? No, and Margo and I want to

the music, the bubbles and the hugs.We missed, the smile factory, you know the ear-to-ear gins sported on your family’s faces as they emerge from the ocean.We missed those simple experiences that bring us the most joy. Experiencing a Parrotfish sleeping on a night dive, noticing a school of squid pulsing with electric color on a safety stop or seeing a sea turtle popping to the surface for a gulp of air just as we pull up to the dive site.We all have our own passionate memories created by the Kids Sea Camps weeks. It’s time to dive again COVID-19 has changed how we will see and do things forever.We have new habits, thoughts, and a new appreciation for simplicity in life.We have a deeper understanding of what’s important and the higher value on family time.We hope you will find that these values, habits and new understanding have also

changed us at Kids Sea Camp.We have made activities safer,more educational,meaningful and fun for the entire family. Our entire team at Kids Sea Camp has so much gratitude for your continued support and trust in traveling with us during 2020 and beyond.We are beginning to travel again in this new world with open hearts and minds.We are prepared to navigate the new challenges and working daily with our partners around the world to make family travel as easy, safe and convenient for your family. Our 21 years of expertise is paving new roads forward.We know you’re needs and concerns and we are ready to address them. We are making decisions based on what’s best for families. Kids Sea Camp wants you to know how important it has been to hear from you during the last year and to ask you to continue to reach out to us for any reason.We are ready

express our deepest sympathy to all the families who have suffered in any way during one of the most trying times in our world history.We also know we have been forever changed by

A note from Margo and Tom The two owners of Kids Sea Camp Inc. & Family Dive Adventures, offer insights into the 2021 travel season.

your trust and faith in sharing your personal journeys with us over the past year. And boy, did we miss Kids Sea Camp!We missed the ocean, diving, and dive training.We missed volleyball and hearing the surprising new talent on karaoke night.We missed reuniting to the Kids Sea Camp families from around the world.We missed the laughter, 803-419-2556 email:

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