MAGALOG21 (2021)


I know for absolute certainty that our next trip will be an- other amazing adventure filled with precious family time, diving and unforgettable memories. Sophia and Benji are next to get certified, then we will all be a family of divers again. Owners Margo andTom Peyton, provide a very personal experience, from planning your trip to assisting you every step along the way. Tom and Margo arrange visits to local schools, or villages, provide special-needs care and special occasion surprises, as well as educational presentations and so much great family time. In Palau, Margo set up a spec- tacular helicopter ride over the Rock Islands for us. The result of all the personal service is why we keep coming back! It’s impossible to put into words how these unique family dive ad- ventures have bonded our family

and created memories for me with my grandkids that will last them a lifetime. We have experienced fascinat- ing cultures and explored new worlds so very different than our own. Each of these trips has expanded our knowledge, appreciation and love of people all over the world. At the end of each of trip, Margo Peyton and Brad Holland have provided memories to last us a lifetime documented in T hank you, thank you, thank you, Tom and Margo, for creat - ing Kids Sea Camp, the gift of being able to dive and travel with my kids and grandkids. their photo gallery on

leave these people?”You know your grandkids have had a life-changing experience when their emotional reactions are so intense, and they don't want to leave. In the summer of 2017, we traveled to Kids Sea Camp Philippines with Sea Explorers. My second grandson, Hunter, became a PADI Jr. diver and joined Jackson diving with the other certified kids. We now have three generations of divers in our family, diving together. It seemed impossible to top Palau or Fiji, but Margo andTom managed to do it yet again. As always.The PuraVida Homes re- sort was luxurious, and the staff and service was nothing short of excellent. I had a torn ankle tendon prior to the trip, and a divemaster was always right there at the ladder to help me take off my equipment and hand

it up.The Banka boats were the coolest and most spacious dive boats I have ever been on. We all went to Oslob Island where we swam and dove with EIGHT whale sharks!! An abso- lutely mind-blowing experience and a memory created that we, as a family, will never, ever forget. How many families get to have an experience like that? Each trip is better than the last. Kids Sea Camp sets the bar high with dive operators. Margo runs her trips with expert organiza- tion, safety and professionalism. I love the many interesting and fun outings, events and activities that are planned for us to enjoy as a family out of the water. All of our trips have been, as the MasterCard commercial says, “price- less.” 803-419-2556 email:

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