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7,600: The number of PADI youth certifications issued by Kid Sea Camp as of 2020 0: The number of dive accidents in our 21 years of taking kids diving. 30: The number of PADI Divemasters created through Kids Sea Camp as of 2020 2: The number of acoustic rock album’s Tom Peyton has cut. Check out “Heart Of The Rose” on itunes. JOW: A Jr. OpenWater diver child age 10-14 who is certified to dive to 40 ft SCUBAPRO The name of our dive gear of choice. 2018: The year Olivia Rapisand joined Kids Sea Camp. SEAL: A child age 8 or 9 that dives in the ocean with a PADI

instructor at Kids Sea Camp. 21: The age of Kids Sea Camp. The year Rob Peyton graduated from college. The year Jen Peyton married Nate Hairfield. 1: The number of decisions you need to make to find the perfect choice for your next great adventure — Kids Sea Camp. 350: The number of families that dive with Kids Sea Camp each year 37: The most trips by a single family in our 21 year history. 11: The number of PADI Instructors created by KSC. 1st: In 2020 HollyWakely became the first ever Junior Dive Master. In 2021 Holly became a PADI OWIS Instructor at our 2nd Kids Sea Camp IDC in Bonaire.

professionals.We have standard PADI, travel, medical and KSC waivers, like any other adventure sport; however, it does not relieve us of our moral obligation to keep you safe! Safety is our No. 1 priority, and fun is No. 2.There is no other company like Kids Sea Camp because Margo andTom Peyton make it personal. We work hard to assure you’re in the water with family-friendly dive experts. Kids Sea Camp is the only tour company in the world dedicated to taking young divers and their families on advanced dive trips, like the Galapagos, Sea of Cortez, Socorro Islands, Komodo, Palau, Indonesia and a multi-island tour in Philippines. Kids can experience the biggest and the smallest of marine animals.We include volcano hiking, jungle biking, culinary

classes, citizen science, internships and local outreach. Our waivers are to inform you that we are providing authentic experiences with real wildlife and marine life encounters.We are not a theme park, and there is no Plexiglas.We provide education to families through facts and hands-on experiences with hopes to remove fears created by false information. Our trips require participants to be respectful to each other and our underwater world. Safety is our area of expertise. UNPLUGGED You will find, kids pay attention and become present when they know they won’t see what they are about to do with you on Hulu or Netflix later.

You will gain peace of mind as a family and make new friends. Some say oceans separate us, we believe they connect us all together. Enjoy a full week off the grid, disconnecting from your virtual worlds and reconnecting to each other and the underwater world.We all need a unplug and relax. Kids Sea Camp is the ideal week to disconnect and recharge for the year. SPECIAL OCCASIONS Underwater weddings ceremonies, special custom made birthday cake and celebration, romantic private anniversaries dinners or KSC family reunions. Let us know how we can serve you better.We can make any occasion special for you! 803-419-2556 email:

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