MAGALOG21 (2021)

KSC ALERT This photo of an ornate ghost pipefish taken by Zebedee Wakely won the 12-15 category of the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2016.


sharks.The memories created at KSC are outstanding.The friends I have made are the best friends in my life.This is also where I properly learned photography. The support from Margo and my family is the reason I have stuck with it. Margo hired me to be the photo pro for the Philippines 2016 trip, and I photographed the entire 17-day journey above and below.You can see for yourself my passion for photography in the Philippines photo gallery on the KSC website. I can safely say these experiences have significantly contributed to who I am today. At the age of 10, after returning home from Palau, I was so passionate about saving sharks (learning all about the Palau shark sanctuary) that I set up a small organization called Save our Sharks Bermuda. I collected over 1,000

signatures and met with the minister for the environment to discuss and plan how best to protect our sharks.Bermuda then signed the InternationalAgreement on the Conservation of Pelagic Species. I was so totally delighted about this because I had made an impact on Bermuda and the conservation of the sea. Having the privilege to dive from a young age is exceptional.Through diving with KSC over the years, I have climbed the PADI ranks from SASY, SealTeam, Jr.OpenWater,Advanced OpenWater, Rescue and Master scuba diver with more than 150 dives and nine specialties. This feels too good to describe. Having the family dive adventures that Margo and Tom create, and growing through all the PADI ranks like my dad, a PADI instructor too, is what I love the most. I have made lifelong friends around the world and have

been encouraged by my family in a way I could never repay. So thank you,Mom,Dad and Holly. Margo created the best organization that I have ever known. She has influenced me, trusted me and helped me in every aspect of my life. She and dad have guided me through diving safely with each step. I am even more grateful for my family finding Margo; she is an inspiring instructor with her focus 100 percent on safety first. She is the heart of Kids Sea Camp! In 2018 we went toThe Galapagos and Cayman Brac with KSC.Our family looks forward to diving together with all the families we have met around the world each year. See more: 803-419-2556 email:

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