MAGALOG21 (2021)

1. They take me to tropical destinations around the world that pamper me 2. Every trip is like playing "I Spy" and "Where'sWaldo?" underwater. Every dive is better than the next: sharks, mandarin fish, mantas and wrecks in Palau. nudibranchs, giant frog fish, turtles in the Philippines.The grouper snuggles in the Cayman Islands. 3. The perfect place for my kids to develop confidence, a love of the oceans and the desire for conservation. 4. It's the only whole family sport that keeps us all unplugged and present in the moment. 5. Each day, Ben and I get three whole hours to ourselves only listen- ing to bubbles. 6. I feel weightless, stress free, and relaxed enjoying quality time with my family. 7. Diving brings me closer to God and puts me in awe of His creation. 8. I can have snot on my face, bad hair, no makeup and smell like a wetsuit – and my dive buddies still like me because we all look and smell the same. 9. I love diving with Kids Sea Camp be- cause we, "big kids" and our children, have developed wonderful forever friendships with awesome dive buddies who are from all over the world. 10. Kids Sea Camp gives me time to crush on my husband, to see him in his element cut- ting it up on the boat and sharing the excite- ment of every dive. 10 REASONS WHY WE LOVE TO SCUBA DIVE WITH KIDS SEA CAMP


Fast forward to Grand Cayman, Fiji, the Philippines, and Palau once again, we made new friends. Some families who live in Bermuda, Oregon, the Midwest,Australia, and yes, even our hometown of Houston,TX! We have exchanged children for weekend visits, gotten together for BBQ’s. We've shared hugs and concerns over health issues, natural disasters and family struggles.The Kids Sea Camp friendships just continue to grow each year. We have hounded Margo to keep our boat buddies together, which she miraculously makes happen every year. There have been trips where our kids feel like soulmates and those they muddle through. They have bumps in the road, like all teenagers.They also have a unique group of peers who are par-

taking in life-changing experiences

We are able to continue our friendship throughout the year by phone, social media and visits makes it even more rich. There’s nothing like getting that email that says,“ Love you, miss you and can’t wait to see you guys in Cay- man Brac!” though it's 258 days and counting. While we feel incredibly lucky to have the BEST BOAT BUDDIES ever, we know we’re not alone in enjoying the friendship phenomena of Kids Sea Camp. We know of other families who re- connect every year tooWe dive.We meet up to explore the world and to spend school breaks together. Definitely a bonus and one we never expected was the family memories to last a lifetime, and friends with whom to share them.

with them and with whom they can look back and say; In the end, this group of friends has become a community that comes together for a short stint each sum- mer to pick up where we left off. We gleefully share the heart pounding moments of finding the biggest nudibranch imaginable and the tiniest pygmy seahorse ever. REMEMBER WHENWE n Danced with the Fijian school kids. n Swam with a million jellyfish in Jel - lyfish Lake in Palau. n Sang on PalauTV. n Dove with all those whale sharks in the Philippines n Played basketball with the locals n Counted 20 turtles on a single dive. n Dove, Blue Corner, with Sergie, the best dive guide ever. 803-419-2556 email:

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