MAGALOG21 (2021)

OUR MISSION: To inspire families to dive and travel. To provide educational activities. To empower children and their families to explore the underwater world together. To reconnect kids to the outdoor world and eachother through fun, safe, responsible inter- action. To provide environ- mentally conscious family scuba-diving vacations. OUR VALUES: We provide a strong focus on building last- ing friendships and strengthening family bonds. We nurture relation- ships and treat each other with respect. We consider our re- sponsibility as divers, for both the negative and positive impact we have on land and sea ecosystems.We give back to the many lives and communities our families touch around the globe. We strive to create more responsible, confident, well-trained and educated divers.



dive safety with kids. Margo works hard to keep kids safe and she is constantly educat- ing and promoting those dive operations that have the same moral compass. Margo says,“Kids Sea Camp is not just busi- ness; it’s personal.” Only those that know Margo’s passion and tenacity would get that. PRIORITIES Margo’s first and foremost priority is safety. She only works with, locally-owned

PADI dive resorts, whos owners will hold child safety above all things. KIDS SEA CAMP MAGIC The magic she says, is in her dive team of PADI Pros.They are the best in the world! They connect families from far- away places and lifelong friendships are forged across borders that are revisited again and again. . 803-419-2556 email:

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