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Camp Emma Lou The purpose of Camp Emma Lou “TEAM” Field Trips is to engage every 6th grade student in the MCCSC through a series of outdoor field trips that promote Teamwork, Exercise, Accountability, and Mentoring (TEAM). Students have the opportunity to visit the outdoor recreational retreat, Camp Emma Lou, for a full day of outdoor mentoring activities. Students are rotated through six 30-minute stations that engage students in team building and leadership activities. Students are also offered a fishing station (many students have never fished) and a feeding/petting station, which features llamas, alpacas, emus, miniature donkeys, and goats. Students learn the value of service by hearing the story of Tyler Frenzel and participating in a scavenger hunt of “Tyler’s Favorite Things” at Tyler’s Treehouse. Students get plenty of exercise through built in free time at different points during the day. All field trips are free of charge to students and the schools. Trained high school-age students act as station leaders. This provides mentoring to the 6th grade students while offering valuable leadership and responsibility roles to the older students.

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