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PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE Transitioning to Middle School

We know the transition to middle school is a big one, so each of our 14 elementary schools and three middle schools are dedicated to supporting students and families through this momentous event. In the spring, each middle school hosts an evening with students and families where sixth graders and their families can: • Hear from the principals and counselors about academics • Tour the school • Learn about extracurriculars Additionally, the middle school principals attend each elementary school and give a talk about scheduling for classes. The principals also share information about lockers, schedules, and opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities at the middle school level. College and Career Planning Led by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, Learn More Indiana is a partnership of state and local organizations working to help Hoosiers of all ages — from kindergarteners to adults —turn their college and career dreams into reality. Learn More Indiana is more than happy to assist any student or parent who wants to learn more about the process of preparing for college, succeeding once in college, and how to pay for it all. Check out the large variety of helpful resources at learnmoreindiana.org. Sixth grade students complete a graduation plan at the end of their elementary school years. The plan stresses the importance of education and asks them to commit to graduate from high school. It also asks them to: • Push themselves to complete an Indiana Diploma with Core 40 designation and strive to go above and beyond to complete an advanced diploma like Core 40 with Academic Honors or Core 40 with Technical Honors • Explore different careers and learn how college includes many options: two- and four-year degrees, certificates, apprenticeship programs and the military • Ask for help when they need it Resources, including a checklist for: Kindergarten through fifth grade: https://learnmoreindiana.org/students-families/grades-k-5/ Sixth through eighth grade: https://learnmoreindiana.org/students-families/grades-6-8/ • Be a responsible citizen and make good choices • Go to school and actively participate in their learning • Study hard and turn in homework

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