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Website www.mccsc.edu/clearcreek

Clear Creek Elementary, located on the southern edge of Bloomington, serves approximately 435 students in preschool through sixth grade. Through the Global Education Programs at Clear Creek, we strive to attain three goals for our students. Our first goal is high academic achievement. Each child is unique and we customize learning for every student and differentiate through daily Comet Time when students receive enrichment or intervention for reading and math. The second goal is bilingualism and biliteracy. All students at Clear Creek explore the Spanish language. In the Spanish Immersion Program, students have instruction presented with at least 50% of instruction in Spanish. Students in the Global Gateways program participate in weekly Spanish classes. The third goal is cross-cultural competency. Students become globally competent leaders by investigating the world and recognizing perspectives of others, communicating ideas effectively with diverse audiences, and taking action. “The Clear Creek Comets are leading the way.”

Address & Phone 300 West Clear Creek Drive Bloomington, IN 47403 (812) 824-2811

Leadership Team Mrs. Eve Robertson Principal Ms. Gina Stancombe Assistant Principal

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