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 Install pressure switches.  Find a place on the fixture for your transmitter.  Find a place on your machine for your receiver.  Wire your control box.  No more tool crashes. IT'S THAT SIMPLE! The Guardian ™ gives you wireless hydraulic pressure monitoring configured for your machine tool fixtures. Equipped with an IP 67 sealed pressure switch, sealed Fixture Transmitter and shielded industrial connectors; Guardian ™ ensures positive pressure monitoring even in the harshest environments. Best of all, you will enjoy easy pressure monitoring with no interference issues. The Simple Guardian™ installs with only four wires (two power wires and a pair of relay connected wires). It is a quick and clean installation needing no modifications to the machine tool control. Confirms Positive-Pressure is present - "Focused Field" Fixture Proximity Transmitters require no batteries, EVER! Nothing to replace. - Wires into your supplied 20-36 VDC supply. - Samples and confirms pressure before, after and even during machining when the fixture can be in a known location and is not in motion. Can be used outside the machine before or after machining to confirm pressure is present. Can be used to monitor inside the machine enclosure when the fixture is at a predetermined location and stationary while pressure confirmation is checked. - The Simple Convenience package includes everything you need to monitor 1 circuit on 2 fixtures before they enter the machine. Installs with an M code confirmation, into a door or enclosure switch or other input of choice. - Simple systems can be configured to monitor 1, 2 or 4 circuits for pressure confirmation by selecting from the Configuration Kits. - Will not affect other plant wireless systems. - Fully Sealed Fixture Transmitters.

Simple Guardian™  2 Fixture Transmitter Units  2 Pressure Switches and Cables  1 Machine Tool Receiver

 Master Control Unit  All Necessary Wiring Simple Convenience Package Model No. Type


Simple Guardian Package for on demand monitoring. Includes Master Control Unit, Machine Tool Receiver, two fixture transmitters, two mechanical pressure switches and pressure setter/checker*

33-0111-10 Simple

*All necessary wiring and hardware included.

Simple Configuration Kits Model No. Type


Machine Kit with Master Control Unit and Machine Tool Receiver.* Order transmitters individually below. Fixture transmitter with cable and pressure switch Fixture transmitter with two cables and two pressure switches Fixture transmitter with four cables and four pressure switches

33-0101-10 Simple

Single Circuit Transmitter Dual Circuit Transmitter Quad Circuit Transmitter




*All necessary wiring and hardware included.

ILS330120 REV C


Focused Field of Communication

6 ft or Less



Monitoreo del Guardian - dentro o fuera de la máquina CNC Guardian monitoring - inside or outside machine


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