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Advanced Automation Pump:

 Fully installed Touch Screen on Pump.  ​Complete Operator Interactive Control Panel.  The Vektek Touch Screen Operator Panel controls all aspects of the Vektek Pump settings, including valves and pressure feedback signal to the CNC Machine, Robots, Assembly Stations and/or Test Stands.  Includes Plug and Play Interface with Ethernet Cable.  Customers can select from a variety of functions and commands such as: • Clamp sequence and confirmation • Unclamp sequence and confirmation • Confirmation of pneumatic sensing • Clamping status • Unclamping status • Filter status • Oil level and temperature status

 Available in:

• High or Low operating pressure (1500-5000psi or 300-1500psi) • Operates either continuously connected or decoupled fixtures • Several 3 phase electrical choices in multiple voltages  Vektek’s automation specialists developed the preloaded programming to speed up

your decision-making process when needing to control your Precision Hydraulic clamping in any manufacturing process.  Call Vektek today and talk to an automation specialist about your application.

95% MORE EFFICIENT Less Maintenance with More Productivity Time. Customers save THOUSANDS in Operating Cost Yearly!

Pump/Machine Tool Interface Ethernet Cable with HMI Interface (Power Boss Cart or CNC Machine mounted)



Power Requirements 6 Electrical Service Inputs Available for Worldwide

Vektek Electrical & Oil Consumption

Competitor Electrical & Oil Consumption

Replacement Filter Order # 31-0500-18

Don’t Let Your Fixture Pump be an Afterthought!

Electronic Pressure Switch

Pressure Reducing Valve

Solenoid Operated Valves 2/3 or 3/4


I/O Station Basic Interface included with HMI *Job Interface optional **Fixture Interface optional

*Job Interface - Call Job clamping/unclamping programs during CNC machining process. **Fixture Interface - Call Fixture clamping/unclamping programs from CNC machine.

ILS559512 REV A


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