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Kinect would like to congratulate Giovanni Leone, PTA, on his newest addition! He welcomed a healthy baby boy, Lorenzo, to his family on May 26! Welcome to the family Lorenzo! Q: Who got to pick the baby’s name? A: The name story is funny. My wife couldn’t think of any names and I had 3 I loved. A few weeks before the baby was born, I gave her a full week to come up with some names since she didn’t really like any of mine. She didn’t come up with any, so I made an executive decision to choose Lorenzo. She now loves it. Q: What will you do if he is not a Dodgers fan? A: I plan on fighting that idea by dressing him in nothing but LA gear until he gives in! Q: Who will be stricter with the baby? A: I’ll likely be stricter with discipline, but my wife is firmer with people handling him right now. Q: What are you most excited about with Lorenzo? A: He is the first boy in our family since my brother, so I think our entire family is excited to have a new boy in the family. I’m personally excited to be able to put all of the sports clothes on him that I wasn’t allowed to do with my daughter. Inside: • Improve Health, Energy & Fitness

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