2017 MARINA Rules

MARINA For purposes of these rules the terms Ridgewood Country Club Marina and Ridgewood Yacht Club are synonymous. The term boat refers to all forms of water craft, including, without limitation, houseboats, motorboats, canoes and kayaks, sail boats, and jet skis.

 All boat trailers in the marina, shall display a current identification number issued by the Harbor Master.

 The grounds of the marina, including the docks and walkways, are for the use of Ridgewood Country Club Members who have the right to use the marina by virtue of their status as Club Members. Land access to the docks and walkways may not be blocked or obstructed by individual Members.  All boat trailers left unattended on the marina grounds shall be located in a parking area designated for such trailers, but shall not be placed so as to interfere with ingress and egress of other trailers or vehicles.  Parking areas for trailers include the dry storage area (for members paying for that use) and, if the trailer is attached to a vehicle, the day use parking area in the vicinity of the launching ramp.

 All unattended vehicles in the marina shall be parked in designated parking areas in the vicinity of the boat while the vehicle occupants are on board.

 Swimming is not permitted in the marina.

 No person occupying or using any slip, dock, or other facility in the marina shall create a nuisance (sound, sight, or smell) or interfere with the safe and peaceful use of the marina and its facilities by other persons rightfully present.  Ridgewood Marina is leased from the Secretary of the Army for private recreational purposes. Use thereof by members of Ridgewood Country Club is governed by said lease and by the supervision and approval of the District Corps of Engineers, and pursuant to such rules and regulations that may be prescribed from time to time by the said District Corps of Engineers and the Board of Directors of Ridgewood Country Club.

 The District Engineer requires that members notify the Club of and accompany anyone staying overnight on a water craft in the Marina.

 The Marina Committee has the authority to establish requirements for any new boat coming into the marina, and the relocation of any other boat in the marina, including how and where such boat is to be moored, with authority to approve or to disapprove any proposed use of the slips and docks, or to establish special requirements or conditions for the particular use of the marina. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of each member to obtain advance approval of

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