What's Happening April 5th, 2024

APRIL 5TH, 2024

Student Welcome Centre- The Student Welcome Centre held our first Early Years Strong Start event the last week of March and it was a great success! We invited parents of students who's first language is not English and who are entering Kindergarten this September to come for discussion and learning. While students were in a classroom learning how to introduce themselves using a Qball, learning how to write their name with Playdoh and dry erase markers, dancing to an alphabet song, going on a colour hunt, colouring by number and listening to stories about Spring; parents were discussing how to prepare their child for Kindergarten and expressing their excitement and concerns. Overall, students had a great time learning some key skills for school and parents were able to ask questions about school, learn the platforms that parents use for school purposes, understand the bus system, and meet new people.

District News!

Anglophone East Staff Choir- The Anglophone East Staff Choir had the opportunity of performing with the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra at their season finale concert WE WILL ROCK YOU. The District Staff choir is made up of Teachers, District Staff and Educational assistants. This tribute concert to rock superstar band ‘Queen’, took place on March 23,2024 at the Wesleyan Celebration Centre under the direction of Maestro Tony Delgado. It was a thrill and an honour to be part of this wonderful musical journey. Thank you to all the ASD-E staff that gave up many hours to rehearse and prepare for the concert.


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