What's Happening April 5th, 2024

APRIL 5TH, 2024

School News!

Arnold H McLeod School – At Arnold H. McLeod we like to celebrate positive behavior. Our code of conduct, or LEARN Expectations are as follows: Look, listen and grow, Excited and Engaged, Accepting of Everyone, Respectful and Responsible and Never Give up. In September classes pick the ways they want to celebrate. This gives them voice and choice. Each month we have a LEARN Celebration. Topics students choose ranged from a Holiday Themed Craft, Extra Outdoor PE Stations, Show and Tell or Teach the Teacher, Mad Science Presentations, Movies, Stuffies and PJ Day or even something simple like Bingo and Board Games. This winter we had to pivot. We had no snow for Outdoor Winter Stations, so we improvised, and the students were flexible flamingoes and had Indoor Stations. Students could choose between 5 stations: colour, draw and doodle, Wii Dance, Read in the Library, purposeful play, or Lego Club. Stations were repeated in multiple areas of the schools with different staff members. What happened for which we did not plan? We had a k-5 celebration versus doing them separately k-2 and 3-5. Siblings found and played with each other. Students visited their former teachers who they never get to see. Students were able to move, with supervision, independently through the school. Students whose first language is not English found friends with their languages to speak with at school; 400 students and 66 adults all working and playing in unison. Once they finish their celebrations, students then function as global citizens and provide feedback to school administration. Sometimes they mention a repair that needs to be completed, or a desire for some new equipment, but often is to show gratitude and appreciation for their school. They are grateful and respectful. Staff is proud of our resilient and persevering students.


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