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THE GIFT OF GRACE — to forget that gratitude is a spontaneous response of joy to receiving something ... When we forget this, what happens is that gratitude starts to be misused and distorted as an impulse to pay for the very thing that came to us “gratis” [free]. This terrible moment is the birthplace of the ‘debtor’s ethic.’ “The debtor’s ethic says, ‘Because you have done something good for me, I feel indebted to do something good for you.’ This impulse is not what gratitude was designed to produce. God meant gratitude to be a spontaneous expression of pleasure in the gifts and the goodwill of another.” There’s an unwritten rule that the graces we send out must be universal, able to provide spiritual nourishment to anyone. To this day, we constantly get feedback about our graces from clients and there’s never been a single complaint. People have told me about how they cut out a certain grace and put it on their fridge or taped it to the bathroom mirror because it spoke to them so deeply. This is the kind of spiritual nourishment I want October Kitchen to provide alongside every delivery we make. We can’t sit around everyone’s table and share grace like I did with my family at Grandma’s house, but including these small words of grace allows me to share that spiritual well-being with every person I cook for. It’s been a company tradition since day one, and we won’t ever stop.

Spiritual Nourishment With Every Meal

“We cannot love God unless we love each other, and to love each other, we must know each other in the breaking of bread and we are not alone anymore. “Heaven is a banquet and life is a banquet, too, even with a crust, where there is companionship.

“Love comes with community.”

–Dorothy Day

This is the grace I included with the first meal I made for October Kitchen’s first client, Mrs. Taylor, in 2000. For 17 years now, every meal I’ve prepared for a client has come with a prayer. My inspiration for this tradition came from my own childhood, a tradition born at Grandma’s house. Every meal we shared there as a family started with grace. Our business motto is “Nourishing people.” Yes, this is something we do by providing healthy meals, but I believe nourishing the spirit is equally important. I still remember how I felt saying grace with my family and taking a moment to feel thankful for the meal we were about to share. We all have days where everything goes sideways, but I believe having gratitude and grace gives us the strength we need to carry on. There’s a strange notion some people have about grace and gratitude — they treat it as a transactional relationship. John Piper, author of “Future Grace,” explains this very well. “There is an impulse in the fallen human — all our hearts

“Our business motto is ‘Nourishing people.’

Yes, this is something

we do by providing healthy meals, but I believe nourishing the spirit is equally important.”


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