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6. Can I use sites like Study Blue or Course Hero? Yes and no. Sites such as these are intended for students to organize their study materials. If you are uploading information that has been worded into your own expression and understanding, then this is ok. Sites such as these become an issue of academic misconduct when students upload test questions, homework questions, or direct quotes from lecture as these are University owned property. Additionally, when students upload items like test questions, they are tendering information (see #5). 7. How can teamwork turn into academic misconduct? The amount of teamwork and collaboration permitted in a course is left to the discretion of the instructor. Some instructors allow teamwork to occur in labs or on other assignments, while others expect all work to be individual and unique. It is important for students to understand the expectations of their instructors and review the syllabus for guidance on teamwork. The Office of Student Conduct considers the syllabus and faculty instructions (written or verbal) to be an extension of the disciplinary regulations, therefore unpermitted teamwork or collaboration could be viewed as a violation of the regulations. The syllabus and faculty instructions are considered an extension of the disciplinary regulations. Students are responsible for adhering to these expectations and following directions given by faculty and instructors related to course assignments and exams. It is important for students to review each syllabus at the beginning of the semester and use it as a reference throughout the course. Individual faculty will have different expectations for their course; it is your responsibility to know these expectations and ensure you are not violating their expectations or the disciplinary regulations. 9. What are the penalties for academic misconduct? At ISU, violations of the academic misconduct policy can receive institutional sanctions ranging from disciplinary reprimand to educational sanctions to suspension or expulsion. Academic misconduct offenses can also receive grade penalties as determined by the instructor. Grade penalties are not restricted to the value of the assignment and may be up to an F in the course. 8. How does the course and syllabus affect expectations on academic misconduct?





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